Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Victory Lap!

Well yesterday was a busy, busy day! I finally reunited with my Trainer and WOW if I ever wondered if the money was worth it all those questions left my mind! I still think I did a go job while he was away but I felt the difference yesterday! Afterwards I had my Chapter's Founders' Day anniversary luncheon. It was a nice event and I was happy I kept my commitment to workout and then go. I was later than I planned to be but its all about choices. In the end I ended up at Table #1 the VIP table with several elected officials anyhoo so no harm, no foul I guess! lol

I have to make working out consistently a priority and everything else has to come second. I have an over all goal of 50 pounds off by June 1st. I was 10 pounds down as of two weeks ago. I love it! My Vision Board is coming to fruition so fast I need to take some time to re-work my board! And think bigger!!! Oh one Vision Board items was getting a picture with our Diamond Soror she has been a member for 77 years! Yes you read that right 77 years!

With Soror Corinda Walters -A Diamond Soror 75 plus years of membership
 Yesterday was fun. I really count Alpha Kappa Alpha as one of the blessings in my life. The history, the women I've met, & the experiences I have had as a result of being a member are sometimes amazing to even think about and events like yesterday remind me of that. :-)  

Okkkkk so like I said I was proud that I kept my commitment to workout  in the past I would skip working out to get my hair & nails done! I just can't do that anymore. So pats on the back to me!

A few other things... workout clothing. I don't know how many of you keep old clothing like I do but its a bad idea b/c you really can't see yourself if you wear a bunch of baggy clothing all the time. My sister bought me some new workout clothing for Christmas and they have been in my closet since I got them! That's almost 3 months lol I wore one of the outfits nothing fancy just a fitted black shirt and some stretch pants. An older lady at the gym made a special point to stop me and say how good I looked! :-) That was nice and appreciated! So just a suggestion if you are holding onto old workout clothing check out the local department store and grab a few new pieces!

I got there a little early and the Iron Moms were working out and I heard someone groan my name from the Hamstring machine and say "I'm going to get you!" LOL Low and behold it was my friend and former co-worker who also decided to do the 2011 Iron Girl! She saw my post about the Iron Moms and I hooked her up with the group so I was happy to see her there getting her workout on with the Iron Moms! Its so exciting to see these women doing there thing!

I gave Charles a copy of the Fitness Magazine article he was so happy! He had another client who wrote a book and featured him! He made the comment that all his people are doing great I told him he needs to pull us all together for HIS book! He paused for a minute and said that's true! When I get my Oprah money watch out Bob Green!

The workout was HARD!!!! As they say a picture speaks a thousand words so pictures are below. It was great to be back with Charles he pushes me and encourages me and that's priceless!

The title of this post is "The Victory Lap." Its a line from Jay Z's song "Encore."  See Jay Z lied to us about retiring (lol) but the point was he already left on top so this song was the victory lap and he was saying if you want an Encore (do you want more?) let him know by encouraging him to come back. It made me think about my journey. An encore is defined as: 

1.A demand by an audience for an additional performance, usually expressed by applause.

2.An additional performance in response to the demand of an audience.

So I kinda feel this way a need to claim victory but keep getting encouragement from you all to make my journey along a steady consistent path. Sharing my story seems to have helped a lot of people with their exercise commitment.It isn't easy. Especially if you have a lot going on in your life. Ultimately, its about making a consistent commitment to treating your body with respect and exercise is the ultimate way to do that. I am by no means perfect I eat meat, drink liquor, eat sweets, and enjoy it all. I don't think I'll ever be a strict health nut (said with love and affection) I am not trading in milkshakes for wheat grass anytime soon and I think that's just real. What I can do is keep my workouts strong and consistent and move forward.

This week looks like this:
Monday- Chizel It class
Tuesday -At work workout
Wednesday-Personal Trainer
Thursday-Chizel It class
Friday- A Banquet and Ice & Ivy Mixer
Saturday -Trainer & Zumba
Sunday-Rest day or 1pm Workout at Chizel It

I'll check in!! Thanks as always for all the encouraging emails, comments, texts, and calls!!

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