Thursday, February 17, 2011

Memory Lane with Mo'Nique

I was getting my nails done last week and I was thumbing through a magazine I normally don't buy or read (lol) unless I am in the nail salon something like People or Entertainment or something and there was a picture of Mo' OLD picture of Mo'Nique. I checked the date on the front to see how old the magazine was and...well it wasn't old at all! It was the current issue. The spot was just talking about her presenting this year's Oscar since she won last year. You all recall Mo'Nique won Best Supporting Actress for Precious (I have still not seen it).

Anyway the picture struck a nerve with me because I watch her show from time to time and I know that picture was a good 60-70 pounds ago and I thought surely they could have used one of the pictures from her talk show as opposed to this old...fat...picture!  How insensitive can people be?! She has worked hard and looks GREAT! Why would they do that? I wondered how NEW Monique felt... I mean that's a different woman...

Then a few days later a friend of mine went poking around in some old albums I have on line, then another friend, then another. It gave me pause and struck a nerve with me like the old picture of Mo' Nique did. I don't think they were trying to "out" me by looking at these pictures but it got me to thinking about how many of you who read my blog have lost great amounts of weight and there ain't a picture to be found NO WHERES! No judgement just an observation.

Every time I hear another story or get an email from someone out there about how well they have done it amazes me mostly because they appear to be "naturally" thin. The upside to that, is that it reminds me most people have to work at this thing. It doesn't come easy for most of us... staying or getting in shape is hard work. It takes real effort...real consistent effort.  

I then started thinking why do I keep those pictures open to the public? With the click of the button I can remove all memories. I dunno what I will do with those pictures but I know I felt something. And I didn't like it. Whatever that something is I felt it again when someone told me the Fitness magazine interview I did came out and I still do not have a copy. So weird because that's like real Vision Board stuff for 2011. I wanted to tell my story on a big scale and I did it! Anti-climatic again though.

I dunno what this malaise is but I will snap out of it. Life has been busy as usual. I been MIA from the gym for almost 2 weeks now! I haven't gained more than 1 or 2 pounds and that comes and goes. I plan to get back on my grind this Saturday! In fact I just texted Charles to make that commitment. I am not sure if its time to mix it up and start doing the Krav Maga like I planned. That's on my 2011 Vision Board. Krav Maga is the official self-defense system of the Israeli Defense Forces and has been taught to hundreds of law enforcement agencies and thousands of civilians around the world.  A unique combination of high intensity training and practical self-defense, Krav Maga is like no other self-defense system in the world. Sounds like a nice change of pace don't you think? I haven't been to Hot Yoga in a minute but with only 24 hours in a day what can I do? lol 

Tonight I have a Bar Association event, Friday dinner plans fell through but I need to work on my AKA Chapter's Awards books anyway, Saturday my chapter is having a Founders Day luncheon, and Sunday I am doing church and lunch with a friend from law school.  Next week Monday I'll see my trainer then I have a meeting that evening, Tuesday I teach, Wednesday I teach (although the school has a gym and my friend Jasmin offered to be my workout buddy) but I have a meeting that night, Thursday is free and Friday another AKA/APA Mixer oh and my old boss is being honored as Alumni of the Year at her alma mater! Saturday an AKA meeting (yes again) and well you get the point.... My goal is to sit down today and schedule in my workouts just like I scheduled all these meeting and other things on my to do list. I am aiming low for 3 days knowing two will be with Charles and I can get one more workout in by hook or by crook (Jamaican I know! lol). Yippers getting on that now!

Ohhhhh before I go.....Dating has been fun...I am going with the flow and not taking anything too seriously just trying to get to know people and see where it goes. I went out with someone new and its weird we met a few weeks ago and saw each other again and started talking and we just clicked! I actually had what I would consider my best date ever last week. Yes in 20 years of dating... We went to seeNo Strings Attached  which was very funny and cute and true love wins out in the end! We did dinner afterwards and practically shut the place down! The poor waitress had to come over and finally say she was off duty lol we finally left maybe an hour later and talked nonstop until 2 am. I enjoyed myself!

I swear I was going to take a break from dating! God has a funny sense of humor is all I can say. I have met some very nice, funny, attractive, considerate men over the past few weeks and its been nice. And as always the story is to be continued...

Hope all is well! Sorry for the slow email replies :-)

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