Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Dating & Dieting-Revisited!

Ok I guess the title is a lil off since we are on a journey towards a healthy lifestyle not a "diet" but the title "Journey towards a healthier lifestyle while dating"  wouldn't be as catchy right? :-)

Well the date with "Superman" went very, very well. :-) After the gym I hit him up to suggest a location but he let me know he already had a nice place picked out! 'Cussssse me! He picked a nice restaurant by the water that I was familiar with since my sister had her 29th birthday dinner there a few weeks ago. It was a beautiful day so it was a great choice! I, who is never late, (is that proper English? lol) didn't leave my house until 10 minutes before we were going to meet which wouldn't have been bad but for the fact that I live at least 20 minutes away--Ekkkk!

I NEVER DO THAT! I felt soooo bad! I had to call and apologize and lo' and behold he was already there! I told him I'd be there in 20 minutes and well it set everything behind schedule. That's my type A talking because we both blocked off the whole afternoon (post gym) & evening to see each other so technically there was no firm schedule to speak of! LOL I made it there and he was as fione as I remember and we hugged and I apologized over and over again and he kept making me feel bad about it lol 

Ok so I have a Weight Watchers rule of sorts to check out a menu before hand so when I go to a restaurant I already know what I plan to order. The thing is when you are hungry everything looks good! They also suggest that you don't go grocery shopping when you are hungry either btw. Anyway, I am really starving nowadays and it isn't head hunger or greed! According to I am burning like 1000 calories with Krav Maga and on Saturday I did Krav Maga and a 1 hour Personal Training session so I easily burned 2000 calories!  I am on some real calorie restriction right about now and I was fasting last week doing mainly liquids so as I incorporate food back I think I was maybe being hyper vigilant but I didn't think about looking up the menu so I felt a little frazzled! :-(

And all that is to say I did what I said I would never do... I became THAT GIRL. You know her! That crazy diet girl on a date! Come on!  You've seen her! She takes like 15 minutes to order her food...salad dressing on the side, butter on the side, baked in no oil girl! Ughhh I hate her! OK so I wasn't that bad! But in an effort to be honest...*sigh* I almost denied that man bread at the table! *hanging my head in shame* Literally almost denied him bread because the waiter came over to ask if we would like bread and I said "No!" LOL  Yes I did. But "Superman" looked at me and said "I'm hungry I been waiting I want bread!" LOL DANG!  

Ok so I read a lot about a lot of stuff but dating in particular when the mood strikes me and one thing that both women's magazine and men's magazines talk about is not being THAT GIRL! They warn women to just exercise a little more that day or eat a little less so you don't have to seem super obsessive over every calorie while you are out on a date and should be having fun because its a turn off. And they warn men that women who act like that can be bossy, crazy, hard to deal with, etc.. So no bueno all around. 

Now to be fair I am not good at eating out. I think of eating out as a time to splurge. I don't order salads for a meal. I want what I can't get at home. But I am trying to remind myself not every time I go to eat out is a celebration. The last two dates were food nightmares because I was going with the flow but in an effort to lose my 30 lbs by June 30th I have to get some balance here because not dating is not an option.

Anyway so the waiter brings the damn *kissing teeth* warm, hot, buttery freshly baked bread and brings 2 big loaves! Now he heard the mini fight about the bread why did he bring two of them?! *eye roll* Then he places them in the middle of the table! It was like and out of body experience I shoved the plate with one menacing finger away from me with an AKAtude LOL and looked away! So of course Superman who works out and keeps himself in very gooooood shape smiles and says "Its all about moderation." I agreed but told him I haven't been moderating very well lately so I need to pull it back in for a minute. He shook his head and ate that bread with butter while I looked away mad! In my crazy carb reduced mind I was thinking "Why cant I be 6'3'' and 250 and all muscle and eat bread!?" These of the thoughts of a crazy diet person. No like seriously for a second I wanted an answer. LOL

Well the waiter came back and I opted for the crab cake and then the choice of sides came up...*insert the Jeopardy music here* Miss would you like fries, No! Mashed potatoes? No! Random veggies in oil? No! Red bliss potatoes? Ok... YES! Who knew bliss meant roasted with oil by the way? My red potatoes came out shiny!!! Ughhhh! Ok so I slowly had the crab cake and water! He noticed that I didn't have the potatoes and asked why I didn't eat them *eye roll* I said "No reason you want them?" He smiled and said no thanks! He knows he saw them looking all shiny! LOL

We talked and laughed and enjoyed each others' company but the time kind of got away from us and my lateness cut into the movie time we were supposed to catch so we ended up walking around the mall and getting to know each other  to kill time to catch the later show. I am not a PDA kinda gal just never have been one for a bunch of hand holding and lovey dovey stuff in public but for some reason I felt comfortable with him, it was nice, and I liked it! :-) 

My Soulmate idols! Can you name that couple?
Technically that was our first real date (we met out and about, and then I went to another event he hosted) so it was nice to be ona  real date date with him. He was very....affectionate and we'll be seeing each other again soon. Somehow the topic of him cooking for me (yeah that's how I do! Greedy lol) came up and he said well you aren't eating anything anyway! I told him I am eating just not as much and told him about my 30 pounds by June 30th goals. He seemed a bit concerned and I told him I lost 8 pounds since the beginning of April he asked what I was doing and I told him cutting calories and upping my exercise a lot with the Krav Maga and my personal trainer twice a week. He nodded and said cool but added that for the record he liked me the way I looked when we met. That was in January so I have lost maybe 10 pounds since then and I told him thank you but its my goal for me and to be honest I haven't lost much but working out seems to reshape my body very quickly because the scale isn't really moving all that fast in my mind.  

I was telling Soror Jacquie it is weird people seemed to have missed my first 50 pounds but these last few pounds people seem to really notice every 10 pounds up or down! She said its true because the closer you get to your goal it is more noticeable. Weird! I really don't see it. In fact another Soror posed a great question about when does your mind catche up with your new body and I told her mine still hasn't! I can only appreciate the changes when I look at pictures.

Anyway Krav Maga update! So my friend Dawn & I checked out the KO Heavy bag boxing class! Ok I was gossiping and I got there almost as class started and I see some of the bags hanging from the ceiling so I asked her where is mine!? She informs me that we have to hang the bags ourselves! The hell? The bags are like 6 feet tall and weigh God knows how much? I was like HOW?!?! So she walks over with me and  some tall stranger helps hoist it up and latches it in! I was already out of breath! Now the instructor was this young Black (can I still say black? lol) guy Justin who I met my first day and he gave me a tour. Ok Justin is a Drake (*term used for the cuties that are too young b/c they were born in the 1980s) he's sweet and funny and well he is deceptive! That class was hard as HECK!!!! I told him he is not as nice as he looks! We did various combination of punches, knees,  and side kicks and for the record the "punching bags" ARE HARD! I was like Justin I am not gonna break my foot playing with you! So he explained in doing a round house kick I want to hit the hard part of the bag with my shin.... Is that right? *humph* in between we did something called 21-15-9 and we had to do 21, 15, then 9 Russian twist with a medicine ball, sit ups while passing the medicine ball, and push ups in descending order. Madness because in between our partner would do heavy bag work.

Can we say testosterone? These men where punching the heck out of these bags and jumping and doing knee strikes and round house kicks and just out of control! Yummy! LOL On our way out of class I saw my first Krav Maga "boyfriend" red beard Mike! I informed him that he was still my favorite but Justin worked us out good so he said he was glad to hear it and held his hand out for the Barack & Michelle fist pump! :-O Love him lol I told him "Justin was really good because he looks sweet and innocent see with you I saw crazy coming!" LOL he laughed! So cool!

Well we sweated up a storm and that class is a keeper! I am still feeling a dull ache in my abs! Whew! Good stuff! I am excited about this week's weigh in although I have had a few slips like on Easter my sister and I went to IHOP for breakfast did some power shopping then went to Carrabba's for dinner! I had the chicken parm and lasagna! De-lish! No liquor though! Oh but we split dessert! So I haven't been perfect!  But I plan to do the following:

Monday-Trainer & 30 minutes Chizel In and 1 hour KO Heavy Bag- Done
Tuesday-Off to speak at a Domestic Violence workshop
Weds- Krav Maga Level 1
Thursday-KM Level 1
Friday -TBA-maybe spinning
Saturday- AKA event 11-4 other Event 7-10pm (may train early with Charles)
Sunday- AKA event (early morning/afternoon)

So we'll see what happens I'll check back soon!

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