Saturday, April 23, 2011

Men & Manicures

Well Day 2 of Krav Maga recap is as follows!

Well Thursday  Dawn & I went back to Krav Maga and did another Level 1 class. First things first I am tired of people underestimating me. The check in girl and a classmate from the day before seemed surprised that I came back. Heck I wasn't even sore like that! *eye roll* Anyhoo I got there early because I didn't want to go home and so I spent a few minutes gossiping on the phone with a soror and then I saw a group of like 15 people dash by my car. I was confused and looked down the steep grassy knoll (lol) or  hill of the parking lot and low & behold the blond mohawk guy had the class running up and down the hill as part pf the Krav Fit class! I was like "...da hell!?" I was actually taken aback  lol the instructor had the nerve to wave and smile I me I shook my head and walked away lol

We had a new teacher we did more elbow strikes and various ways to get out of bear hugs and choke holds. It wasn't as cardio intense as the day before and dawn was a little vocal about that lol I reminded her of two things #1 its just like a regular gym every spinning teacher isn't the same so we know not every class will be the same #2 its not an exercise class its a self defense class so we will try the Thai Bag class next week.

Day 3 -Recap!

Well the same teacher from Thursday  was the ALL LEVELS teacher today! WHOAAAAAA whole different energy! But it was a tough workout for sure and I learned a lot! I did get choked a few times...a few times and not just by Dawn either! These men...lawdddd I got a small cut on my hand but I will live! We did a lot of work on the ground both getting attacked and doing the attacking. High energy stuff!
Afterwards I did a quick shopping trip and I will post a "This is what getting on track looks like" post soon got some good buys and new stuff to share!

So after that I went to my trainer for our session. It was a great workout it was funny I felt stronger but the workout still got me! I had to do 10 stairs (Yikes!) but on the upside I was jogging up the stairs and went all the way to 7 flights before stopping for water! Good progress! I remember my first stair experience I did like 3 and could have fallen out!
Well after my workouts I treated myself to a manicure. My experience lately has been interesting every time I got for a mani &/or pedi I see men. So true to form I saw some men getting manicures today...I am all for men keeping themselves up BUT one guy actually said to the other guy "Got to keep it tight right?" *blank stare.....* Ok yall get your manis but should yall be acting like its a good thing? I mean really? Maybe that is why I am soooo drawn to Krav Maga and the men there. Those are some MEN, MEN! It transcends race, height, weight! Some of the guys at Krav Maga are like a buck O- 5 but have a walk about them! I guess the walk *looking at a 6'5'' 260 pound man* and says "I could kick your arse and you don't even know it!"

 I mean I don't advocate violence but there is something very manly about seeing a man punch and head butt another guy and then take him to the ground and knee him in the face! Just saying... I guess variety is the spice of life but I'll take manly men for 2000 Alex! lol

My pretty pink & green gear! Gloves & wrist straps!

Speaking on manly men...."Superman" flew back into the picture. I guess like Gucci Man'g says "Boys (instead of girls) are like buses miss one next 15 one coming" (lol) Ahhhh 'Dating by Gucci Mang' keeps ya sane I guess! I am not where I was a few months ago when we met...taking a break but meeting lots of nice guys so "just dating" was fine I am outta that phase and open to being in a relationship I know this is more of a nice evening out that I will enjoy and see what happens! Men are kinda addictive. I am all for self esteem and self love but a compliment from someone else goes a long way sometimes! Like the other day I went to run an errand fresh out the shower from the gym hair pulled back no makeup jeans and a tshirt and some random UPS guy had a million boxes but held the elevator for me so I asked if it was ok for me to squeeze on the elevator with him and he said "There's always room for beauty hop on!" Now that was nice :-) Superman likes to go heavy on the compliments and its flattering so maybe its what the doctor ordered after being thrown around by men this morning lol get a nice guy to open some doors and pull out chairs :-) We are going to do dinner and a movie and I am looking forward to it!

Well have a Happy Holiday!

Ohh PS made it to Weight Watchers down 8 pound since April 2nd! My 30 by June 30th is now only 23 pounds left! Whooo hooo!!

Anyway that's all for now!

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