Thursday, April 14, 2011

Faith without works is dead...

I am using a popular Bible verse James 2:17 to get back on track. The verse basically means faith by itself won't get the job done. I talk about my Vision Boards and most people who are resistant to the idea think its just wishful thinking. But that couldn't be further from the truth.

The Vision Board merely serves as a means of inspiration. I will not lose weight but just thinking it so. I tried that for a few years so trust me I know lol My vision boards help me to focus in my goals...all of my goals. I am pretty proud to say I have checked off a number of goals on my To Do life list so I understand the value of actual movement in accomplishing things. But alas I am still looking to lose 50 lbs by June. Ok 49.2 lol shoot I'll take it.

Now realistically could I go to an extreme and do it given the fact that I have 78 days until June 30th. yeah I probably could because that would be less than a pound a day (really .6). Now I will be honest I did a pound a day weight loss when i was 22 I remember it like it was yesterday lol I took in very low like 500 calories and exercised a lot anything to make my daily calorie deficit 3,500 a day (remember that's the magic number to lose a pound).

I am 35.

I don't have the strength to do all that so I will adjust my sails and shot for 30 pounds by June 30th. That's .3 pounds per day. Please don't get bogged down in my numbers because honestly this is not the best plan for everybody because it is going to cause me to get all OCD with my numbers but honestly its a sound plan. Its actually a .3 pounds per day x (times)  7 days a weeks would yield me 2.1 pounds per week

That's well within the Weight Watchers guidelines of 1-2 pounds per week. Speaking of which I will need to count calories not points to get the cold hard facts. So I joined My Fitness Pal a Soror & fellow attorney put me on to this tool. Check it out! I entered my information and goals and I began tracking! FYI hot tea, butter popcorn, and 2 mini chocolate bars and ughh I have 300 calories left! I think I see the problem here lol

For the record March Meltdown was technically a success lol I lost 9.5 pounds BUT gained it back. I need to be more specific in my goals apparently. So...I intend to lose and (permanently keep off) 30 or more pounds by June 30th, 2011. S.M.A.R.T. Goals remember! (I swear one day I will tag and link these post up! Promise!) :-)

Its funny how 10 pounds at this weight makes such a big difference. *Warning* Get ready for the excuses....Its been a busy 2 weeks. Last week was my sorority's regional conference! Whoooa what a doozey! It was a great conference but I was extremely busy between workshops, working for my regional committee, seeing old friends and oh yeah sleep! I just did not have a moment to spare! I had good intentions though. I even packed workout clothing but really there was just no time. This is a first for me I typically always get in at least 2 workouts no matter what but I can be honest this was a very very busy conference but its all good!

As of today I was up 2 lbs so I am not terribly distraught. I definitely indulged in a few tasty items while I was away but also got in some salads and snack bars to avoid other high calorie treats on the regular. To be honest I was so busy I didn't really get hungry it was more like oh wait I need to eat or I felt light-headed it was just a busy busy time! I had a blast though seeing sorors from all over the east coast and everyone is doing so well! Winning Awards, Chairing conferences, oh and to pop my own collar my chapter won two awards too! I was very excited since I serve as the Awards Chairman and one of the Awards we won was in the area of Health! Good times! Ohhhh and I did do one thing I been meaning to do since last year! Replace all my old (2x) paraphernalia that is too big! I bought all size large shirts and jackets (yes with an "s") lol In fact I got 3 jackets and about 5 tshirts! Everytime I want to wear a tshirt its so big it looks sloppy so I went to town with a smile on my face. Now to be honest some of the items do not fit just so but I don't plan to stay where I am much longer so I figured like the saying goes "Dress for the job you want not the job you have!" so "Shop for the size you want not that size you are?" Yeah that'll work lol


Sisters in Sweat all cleaned up for the Gala!
I wish I could say I got back to town and got right back on track but I been kinda slacking lately didn't see my trainer on Monday and haven't been to the gym at all! I did bring clothing today and the plan to is to go right after work. I need some new sneakers and I am thinking about abandoning my Brooks *sniff* They cost $120.00 (before taxes) and I get about 3 a year! I need to find some in between sneakers that don't cost as much but still provide great comfort! Any suggestions (other than Nike!) please let me know!

I need to work on budgeting that's almost $400 just for shoes! Keep in mind my trainer ( I just prepaid for 24 sessions last week), plus my TWO gym memberships, and other random things like Hot Yoga...It adds up for real! I need to pull some of this spending in or hit my parents up for shoes once a year. Ahh divorced parents = two people I can ask! See 2 new pairs a year and my in between shoe! Problem solved! :-)

What else...oh I met someone new! Its a funny story all thanks to the possible government shut down. Always a silver lining I guess lol but anyway he is interested in Krav Maga too! I posted awhile back about trying that to shake things up a little bit so I mentioned we should check it out! Hopefully that can happen in the next two weeks I'd like to start May strong! Well another busy weekend ahead! I am getting an award from The National Association of Negro Business and Professional Women's Clubs, Incorporated and I am pretty excited about that! Then on Sunday I have a road trip for a friend's a baby shower out of town wayyyy out of town lol so my workouts will suffer but here's the plan...

Thursday -Socarobics (1hr) &  Chizel-it (1hr)
Friday- Zumba party 2-3 hours of Zumba apparently (lol)
Saturday- Brickhouse (1hr)
Monday-Trainer &Chizel It
Wednesday-Spinning &other cardio and free weights
Thursday-Socarobics (1hr) & Chizel-it (1hr)

I'll check in! Thanks for the emails and text messages all is well just busy like a bee! :-) Have a great week & let's all get some work behind the faith this week!!

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.Aristotle

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