Monday, April 18, 2011


What a busy weekend! The Zumba party went well on Friday night. I saw a few people I know and had fun! I was low on sleep so I stayed one hour and got a good sweat and left. I didn't get to workout on Saturday because I was still very tired. I received an award on Saturday for professional achievement and community service from the The National Association of Negro Business and Professional Women's Clubs, Incorporated at their 70th Annual Founders' Day celebration! It was truly an honor and I was in great company.

We had a tornado watch and it rained cats & dogs alllll day and night! I even lost my screen door! Thank God for neighbors! One of mine came over and took off what was left of my poor door. He said his daughter lives 2,000 miles away so he is hoping his good deeds will come back to his daughter by some other nice person. That's a good way to think about life in general.
So I missed a party that night my friend from law school was hosting for her hubby. I got in trouble because there were single men there and I was a no show lol between the weather and a road trip I was supposed to go on at 3am that morning I was spent and I apologized. I assured her now that she knows every one's deal (apparently several of the men were single and looking) she can have something else and we can go from there :-)
Speaking of single men...Ahhh the new friend bites the dust. Quick right? Its gotta be a new record lol but that's for the best for a lot of reasons. Its funny we got into a convo about weight loss because he's lost about 35 pounds after getting diabetes (in his 30s ouch!) and other health issues and I was saying I regained like 25 and it looks like a lot more to me. Anyway he starts to give me all this advice on how to lose weight *blank stare* I tried to interject that I've lost a good bit of weight and I know its about being consistent and he still keeps telling me all the little things I can do. I was thinking why don't I just say dude I been in an international magazine for weight loss so I'm good? But I guess men are by nature problem solvers and he was trying to be helpful *Kanye shrug*Why I wasn't more vocal I don't know. I'll have to think about that as part of my journey.

On the positive side he re-ignited my desire to shake things up with trying Krav Maga and I am going by there today and sign up! I know I was talking about cutting back on all these expenses but I think this will be worth it! I'll check back in on that!
In other news Jill Scott is back! Her new song SHAME (the title on this post!) is fire! Vid below! Even Eve is in it! Its my new theme song for 2011 can't wait for the ring tone! I mentioned back in May when my ex and I went to see Jill Scott and Maxwell it took us a minute to realize it was her because of how much weight she has lost! She looks GREAT! As she called it "Slim thickness" was her goal! I found some old and new pics and WOW Get it Jill! I think she is my new weight loss idol. JHud has gone too far for me I dont want to be a size 4! I like my curves and meat on my bones and I think that Jill looks healthy and happy! Love her! Have a productive week!

Slim thickness!

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