Friday, June 3, 2011

Gearing up!

Well its officially Day #3 of the Jumping June Health & Fitness Challenge! I have such an awesome group of people in the challenge I am really pumped up!!! In fact yesterday after work I went to Fleet Feet Baltimore to look into those new Vibram FiveFingers sneakers for my Krav Maga class! One of the other women used them and she was so light on her feet! Ok granted she like  90 pounds lol but she said she really liked them. They are funky they are like gloves for feet! My Personal Trainer Charles Harris has them and he's been recommending them.

I needed something else after the Krav Maga roadkill incident I realized while my Brooks are light weight for other workouts like Step and lifting weights I felt like I was walking in mud and could barely keep my legs moving and stay on the balls of my feet. Welllllll I went and try them on and darn near dislocated my middle finger trying them on...and that was with help lol

So they were a no go even though I thought they would have been cool to be apart of the trend. Function not fashion!!!! A/w I went to law school with one of the owners/son of the owners and he always takes care of me so he recommended another light weight shoe  Saucony Hattori Running Shoe !
Krav Maga ready!

Well it slipped on like... well like a slipper!

It is only 4 ounces! It feels like air! I moved around the store and it felt like I was in my socks but I had good comfort and agility while having support! Of course he always knows I am up to something so he asked what are you doing now so I told him Krav Maga so he said they would be good because a lot of people are doing Crossfit are using them! So I said "Bet they actually have a hybrid CrossFit Class called Krav Fit!" So two for one! I also needed another pair of Brooks. I got the last one about 6 months ago and in all honesty they say sneakers last about 6-8 months when you are at my level of activity. I actually wait until I feel a difference and this week my right foot really started to hurt to the point of limping! So it was time and so there went $200.00 outta my life (well in the form of cash anyway) in a 15 minute shopping spree and not a pretty dress or MAC product in sight! LOL but I ain't mad! Since I know I am sticking with Krav Maga I need to gear up properly and footwear is key! 

I got a few other things as well b/c I also realized that I have longggg  days and you need to be 100% in Krav Maga  so I also bought some of those caffeine jelly beans I used for the Triathlon. 

The whole pack is 100 calories and I only had about 2 or 3 right before class. I am not a coffee drinker so one or two is fine for me and I felt the difference last night. Kinda like how I realized people who do triathlons and marathons are a little off and really the body isn't meant to do that therefore these supplements are created to help you push your crazy self...I realized the level of exertion in Krav Maga requires more than just my raw energy! Especially after working 8 hours and commuting 3 hours (on a lucky day)!

I also picked up more of the Honey Stinger waffles I mentioned before. they were inspired by Lance Armstrong and they have a new vanilla flavor! It was very good! Its good quick fuel while I am on the go.  It has 160 cals/7 fat/1 fiber. I also went to The Vitamin Shoppe and got 4 packs of my EAS protein Shakes because I was alllll out!

Anyway last night's class went a lot better and this instructor (the one who choked me a few weeks back) had us do the same run, slam, run drill and I did it without becoming roadkill! *Clapping* 

Yesterday's class was brutal! I mean brutal! By the time we were half way through my hands were shaking uncontrollably! Notice I said halfway through! Anyway we learned how to break free of wrist grabs there were 4 different ways based on how the person grabbed you. As we go along I will start taking more pictures of these things the class just goes so fast its hard remember or ask anyone! LOL

Well it was fun until we took a break and my wrist were throbbing and I looked down and saw THIS
Grabbing wrist is serious bizz-nezz! :-(

I don't know the true culprit but I don't suspect it was Dawn me thinks it was the guy we worked with the day before and by "worked with" I mean the man Mike and I stomped on the 

After gulping some water I said with a lot of base my voice "NOAH! You see this  *pointing to wrist* I'mma see you about this in November! Not now though but in 5 months its me and you!" And I ended my threat with the eye finger motion from Meet The Fockers (lol) The class busted out laughing then Dawn reminder us well in November Noah is going to be even better too! True. I didn't think of that! LOL 

All in all a good day worked on more hammer fist and punches and my knuckles are sore! I went home and cooked dinner (I will do another post on the food find) and had a great night's rest. When I woke up this morning though I could not make a fist with my left hand! That was kinda freaky! And yesterday I got a toe cramp! I have never had that happen before! The pain in my hand stopped by 10am or so and I guess that means I learned how to punch the proper way and I will go back to using my gloves and handwraps!

Day #3's challenge will be getting in 30 minutes (minimum) of exercise since there is no Krav Maga and I really want to see X-Men: The First Class so I planned to skip the gym but there will be time to do something on On Demand or Wii Fit so that is the plan!

Have a productive weekend!!!!

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