Thursday, June 30, 2011

Krav Maga x 2 ~ It sure ain't spinning & step class

Well back in my workout groove! I made it to Krav Maga yesterday for Level 1 and today Dawn & I did 2 Krav Maga classes back to back!!!! Let me just say Krav Maga is NOT A GAME! I told Dawn this sure aint spinning & step class! Its nothing for us to take back to back cardio classes shoot I have done a 3.5 hour workout marathon on more than one occasion but Krav Maga wears you mentally & physically. I am really glad we did it I feel strong and focused!

I won't talk about feeling up the instructor though... They are just so manly! They are all different sizes, shapes, races, heights, etc. but they are MEN juicy real men with lots of crazy and testosterone!


Its a busy weekend but I am working out with Charles Saturday and then headed to Krav Maga. On Sunday I am going to do Heavy Bag! I found a good video that looks like our class! I am hearing from a lot of folks that they want to try it out so that's good! Its not for everyone but its a great workout as long as you don't get it...speaking of which I had a new partner Wednesday and she LOOKED nice! That heffa hit me twice! Once so hard my contact popped out!!! Humph! Next time I'll stick with the boys!! LOL

I worked on a July Vision Board! I fell short for my June goals but I still feel good I lost about 3-4 pounds, I am back in my 14s, I am drinking more water, and my workouts were consistent for most of the month! All good things! I am starting a 8 week challenge looking forward to it!!!

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