Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Space Needles, Birthdays, & Friends Oh My!

Mom & Me at the Seattle Space Needle for brunch!
Well I have been MIA and B-U-S-Y!!!! I had some great trips one to Seattle, Washington with a road trip to Oregon and then to New York (home sweet home) for my birthday and I am gearing up for another trip to Atlanta and Jamaica somewhere in the mix as well! Well I am "Even Steve" after my back to back trips! That is amazing to me and I can say I am so proud of myself! I kept up on the website while I was away and I exercised EVERY DAY! I was so excited to see my collar bones in the pictures I could barely contain myself!  

Seattle was a really, really nice place. It kinda reminded me of Anchorage, Alaska very green, daylight well until 9 at night, and very friendly people! I talk about my vision board and to see the Seattle Space Needle  was certainly on there! I had a blast! The food was great I have never had salmon taste THAT good! I was really proud of myself I made good choices and worked out EVERY SINGLE DAY! I even found a Bikram/Hot Yoga studio called Fusion Hot Yoga! Now their hot yoga was HOT HOT! Charm City Yoga (by the way I so wore their tshirt I aint new to this! Had to elt them know! lol) to me is good and challenging but this was like I almost passed out twice! LOL In fact my Mother and her employee came and my Mom toughed it out but the other lady had to leave! I told her no shame that was a good first class to attempt! They use heat and steam that steam makes a difference!

During the class the teacher make the comment that "You have to train you feet to keep coming do not let your brain enter the equation!" That's real right there! You can talk yourself outta exercise and eating right with the quickness! It was a good reminder! :-)

Training my feet in Seattle!

Anyhooo.....My 36th Birthday kicked off with a bang I went on an after work yacht cruise in Manhattan! Now I have been of boat rides in Maryland and in DC but there really is no place like New York City! It was amazing! Seeing the skyline, the Statue of Liberty, and the Brooklyn and Manhattan bridges! Great way to spend my birthday!

The fab me!
Skee Phi
The world is mine!

Food from the trips b/c I know how yall do!! lol

Crabcakes with egg benedict~ Delish!
King salmon!
Yeah I did!
2 kinds of salmon and they tasted like humm hummm good!
Bread pudding :-)
I have must admit I have not been to the gym since the day before my birthday which would mean tomorrow would be two weeks! Yikes!!! Time flies and I been busy I guess but no need to make excuses I am going back to Krav Maga today!

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