Thursday, June 2, 2011

Runway Roadkill!

Anyone who knows me knows I am a huge Sex & The City fan! I love, love, love that show! I love it because I feel like I relate very well to the characters and I think that is/was the thing about that show it transcends age, race, religion, education, and even class boundaries and talks about every day life and how amazing it can be with all its ups and downs... Well speaking of downs...

There is a great episode when Carrie is asked to be a model for D&G at Fashion Week! HUGE HUGE HUGE! I remember watching the episode and clapping for her! lol Yes the made up character! I know!

Anyway if you recall the episode it goes down hill very quickly! First the outfit she was forced to wear was a glitter bikini bottom and a flowly big shirt. Why size 0 Carrie was disturbed I duuno but she gets over it and she feels great and confident and gets going down the runway and as the beat of the music starts the song "Got to be realllll" is pumping she looks good, feels good and takes about 5 perfect steps...and then.... falls flat on her face!! I gasped! As did her friends! Yes the ones on TV! LOL

A/w as Carrie tries to collect herself (and her dignity) here comes another model who walks right over her!  I mean I guess the show must go on!!!! Her gay male BFF Stanford exclaims "Oh My God! She's fashion roadkill!" LOLOL Classic!


Well of ALL the many moments I could relate or would hope (read Vivienne Westwood wedding dress) to relate to Carrie....I NEVER thought this would be one! But alas...I...was... Krav Maga roadkill yesterday yall!

Picture this! Its 6pm and I am tired! I got up early caught the 6am bus and made it to my desk by 7am and I had a very busy day! But it was Day #1 of the Jumping June Challenge and I had to get my exercise in! The plan was to do Krav Maga and so I have talked about our classes they are beyond high intensity! And there is no "warm up" in the aerobic class sense so we begin by jogging around the room and shaking out our hands and rotating our arms and push ups and what not!

Well to mix it up Crazy Mike says "Run in a circle and when I yell 'DOWN' stop where you are squat down and slam your hands on the mat and get up and run in the opposite direction."

Ok so let me get this straight "Run in a circle until I hear him bark 'DOWN' then I have to squat down on the mat slam my hands on the ground and get right back up and run in the opposite direction andddddd repeat"  

Well why the hell couldn't I do that!? Next thing I knew I was running and my legs gave out and I went splat! Alllllllllllll over the floor! And it was NOT graceful... it was not JUST a lil trip...I went SPLAT like Carrie did! lol

Runway Roadkill

And them jokers in class did me like the model did Carrie and ran right around me! LOL


I got up and said well let's try that again! I am still a Level 1 Newbie so I am guessing they have seen that before because no one flinched and no one asked me if I was ok either lol Certainly the class could only go up from there! LOL

It was a very intense workout. We did a lot of hammer fist drills, elbow drills, and choking drills. A hammer fist can best be describes and punching someone with the side of your fist. Or as Mike explained it when the cops come banging on your door at 2 am that's the way they knock *pow pow pow* lol Ahhh yeahh that!
Apparently its also a good way to take someone out and injury the soft parts of their face if you are in close combat range... just for the record.

The Krav Maga mindset is really something. It is the weirdest thing to have someone choke you and the Instructor told us to really choke like apply pressure because out in the street the bad guy isn't gonna just hold your neck gently sow e are not doing each other any favors by being nice. Make sense! I was drenched by the end of the class and almost delirious when mike asked us to do another set of Burpees!

I am not a fan of Burpees (click the link to see it) It can best be described as doing the following:

Begin in a squat position with hands on the floor in front of you
 Kick your feet back to a pushup position
Immediately return your feet to the squat position
Leap up as high as possible from the squat position
Repeat, moving as fast as possible

 They are EVIL and they are particularly evil after punching tombstones, getting elbowed and being choked!!! *eye roll*  

But the difference between Krav Maga and other cardio is that Krav Maga is combat training and the idea is to wear you out and still be able to defend yourself. They simulate that in the classroom so if you find yourself in danger you already know what it is like and can slowly train your body to use the adrenaline to respond but it a more prepared manner. That's real! 

I was soaked like I said and sore! I slept with my heating pad but didn't take any medication. As they say Pain is weakness leaving the body! Later yall!  


What I have to look forward too!

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