Tuesday, June 7, 2011

"There are no groins in Krav Maga!"

Well I am soooooooooo sore! I have done Krav Maga three days in a row and in those three days EVERYTHING and I mean everything hurts! Even the crease in between my arms lol. Last night I was sooooo not feeling the gym between having to go in on my normal work from home day and then TOM and the heat I was telling myself forget it. Dawn was not feeling well so she texted me earlier to say she couldn't make it and that played in my head all day and I went back and forth about it. I was driving home and thinking about my goals and said just do it. Music is a good motivator and I just crankked my radio up and got there as fast as I could before I could talk myself out of it! I was feeling like blah yesterday and just couldn't seem to feel like normal. But I know Krav Maga and exercise in general could only help and it did. Whatever I was feeling came out in the form of anger and aggression and I left it there on the Krav Maga mat.

This class was brutal in fact it was the same instructor who taught Heavy Bag on Sunday that has me all bruised up on my legs from kicking the heavy bag! It was Krav Maga Level 1 and let me tell you it kicks butt every time without fail! We began by running back and forth and rotating our arms and then we did punches and then we learned how to do some more hammer fist strikes. Since Dawn was out I tried to pull the closest woman to me and it was a nice woman we met on Sunday. She said she's been out because in one of the knife skills lessons someone hurt her hand in some odd way and she nearly fractured it! So she was not allowed to practice until it was healed! YIKES!

I told her about my few scrapes and she was like "Ohhh that's nothing check this out!" And pulled up her pants leg and exposed this hugeeeeeeeeeeee black and blue mark on her inner thigh! Dawn & I looked at each other and back and her as she was smiling from ear to ear! People who do Krav Maga got issues! Oh... Granted she is white and so her skin is pale but that joint looked like it hurt bad!

Wrist grabs cause pain

Anyway we begin most classes by tagging each other on the shoulder. Its like it sounds you get a partner and try to "tag" or tap them on their shoulder. In the Bronx we called in slap boxing lol but it works you out cardio wise and helps with aim and focus.

This was weird because these people (lol) Monday night people were blocking my tags I was like why yall hitting me? On Wednesday in Mike's class we just tag and keep it moving! Anyway after a few minutes she said "Wow you are good you hit like the guys, I never like girl partners b/c they hit too soft!" Well that's a compliment in this world! lol A/w we switch up partners and eventually I end up with this cuteee chocolate brother. Well that's just distracting! I kept trying to get rid of him but couldn't so we stuck it out all class.

We learned a new kick well its an ole' one instead of a knee to the groin it was a kick...using a tombstone pad of course. The instructor said it is like kicking a soccer ball and we had to remember...

"Our target was NOT the groin b/c there are no groins in Krav Maga rather the target is the head and his groin just happens to get in the way of your kick!" *insert smile here*

All the men groaned! LOL Jokes and comedy! A/w it was a good class that ended with one person in the middle of 3 others getting pushed while their eyes were closed and they had to use hammer fist on one person until another rammed them with their tombstone andddd repeat like some weird padded mosh pit.

Talk about wearing you out!!! It was maybe a minute and a half but felt like an hour! Most of our drills last about 2 minutes the thought behind it is a real fight only lasts about 30 seconds to 1 minutes before the winner starts to emerge so if we partice more than that we get conditioned to go hard. faster. longer. stonger. (smile-song of thr week!)

Spmehow I was the only girl in a group of guys and I did good!  Whew! What a way to end the day...well almost end the day...

I checked my bb b/c I got text from the new guy earlier asking what I was up to and I told him I was debating the gym and he texted saying he would like to see me. :-)

I called him back after class to see what he wanted to do and although he is a computer geek by day lol and does photography on the side and he said he got a new lense and maybe we could go to a park and take some pictures with it. I said cool! I told him I love photography but I've never taken a class outside of high school and he said he hasn't either he has a mentor (a pretty well known one in fact) and reads a lot of books and takes a lot of pictures! Cool!  I thought it would be nice to actually learn from a professional so we met up and went to a nearby park.

Now what I thought was we were going to do nature shots you know birds, trees, bugs, flowers, the basics and he says well ok pose! LOL I said ohhh we are taking pictures of me?! Well he doesn't know me well so he didn't know I stay ready although I would have straighten my hair out at least lol but it was spur of the minute so it was no biggie I had fun and he taught me a few things about lighting and how to adjust your flash etc... Let me just say...Photography is complicated!

The pictures I snap are for fun but if I really want to look into doing it for real I need to start thinking long and hard about getting a good camera and learning the basics. He said a lot of things can't be taught some people just have an "eye" and its all about practice. Makes sense. We had a nice evening that ended with us going to Rita's for ice cream. He has a convertible and that is cool. He doesn't seem like a convertible guy. He also has a mototcycle! Again hard to picture that and he has a tatto...that he got in Vegas lol he sooo doesn't look like the type lol

Anyway here are a few of the pictures. I am down another 2 pounds so that 81.8 total (again) so only 18.2 to goal (again) lol I laugh but I am so serious about staying focused. I have to be. The Jumping June Challenge is still going strong and people are really making changes and working with each other and encouraging each other. I really put an intention out there to draw like minded people. I think we often feel like of course we want like minded people around us but how many of us actually make that desire or request to have positive, helpful, caring, people around? I stopped taking things for granted and started praying for what I want around me in a lot of aspects and well its nice to get what ya ask for!

Hello collar bones!

Summertime car

A good night!

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