Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Baltimore Restaurant Week & Other Adventures in Sweat!!

WARNING: Greedy Post!!!

Well its time to indulged in Baltimore Restaurant Week! If you are unfamiliar with the concept (insert any city here) Restaurant Week is a promotion that restaurants do at a fixed prices typically with a fixed menu! The meal will cost under $20 for lunch and under $30 for dinner. Most of these meals would cost twice as much so its really a great deal especially if you want to try a place out! The Oceanaire is this year's pick! To be honest had I been paying more attention I would have tried somewhere else but every year restaurant week sneaks up on me like I don't know its coming! Anyhoo I almost missed it but someone I know made the reservations and I jumped on it although I need to be spinning tonight!

The upside is I know the menu and can pick it out from now and not get too far off track when I get there. So tonight will be a Cesar salad, salmon, and I am thinking their fresh baked cookies! *drool* All for $30 bucks! Can't beat that!

So far I have only been to the gym once and that was on Monday. I had a session with my trainer Charles! It was a good workout but (thankfully) I am not as sore as last week! Its only Wednesday and ideally I should be at the gym but I can't be there all the time and live a balanced life. The goal is to go home and do the treadmill. I made a pack with Soror Mimi that we'd keep each other in check over the web tonight! *fingers crossed*

Charles took a few pics on Monday most were not flattering lol I see every bit of that 35 pounds I need to lose! But there is one pic on the treadmill that caught my eye for some reason and made me proud of myself. I was telling my AKA Workout Sorors I don't fancy myself a runner even though I have done 5ks, half marathons, and even a triathlon but the shot really made me remember where I am fitness wise that I can hop on a treadmill and run non-stop vs. where I came from! Charles has brought me a mighty long way!

Speaking of Charles and his awesomeness! This weekend the ladies of Delta Sigma Theta Baltimore Metro Alumnae Chapter are having a I'M TOO CUTE TO SWEAT MEGA WORKOUT! I am looking forward to it! His book is doing well and this will be a free event that is open to the public so please come by if you are in the Maryland/DC area from 9-2pm!


Saturday is a busy day! Gym, Charles's event, then its date afternoon/night with Beres Fan lol we'll call him B.F. for short. We've been better in terms of communication so to shoplift a saying from a friend... I am cautiously optimistic! We had a long conversation last night and it wasn't anything deep but I enjoyed it. I found a journal I was keeping in the fall and boy oh boy did we fall into this kinda quick! I guess there's no accounting for chemistry! So we're gonna ride this out and see! Valentine's Day is coming up and I saw this on facebook LOL Gotta love Tiffany's! That might be too much too soon though lol but since he is always saying "I knowwww you!" maybe it wouldn't be shock! Humm it'll be 6 months by then anyway lol that went quickly!

Anyhoo the first class of spring for my second school starts today and I already got a phone call from a nervous pre-law student who has a flat tire and can't make it to the first class... *exhale* Boule 2012 is all I can say! :-)

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