Saturday, January 21, 2012

The more I want...

Well it is Saturday! Man this week flew by! I have not been to the gym or worked out (because I must remember they are not mutually exclusive) since my workout with Charles on Monday! To be perfectly honest I was sore up until Thursday! What a workout that was!

Its been a busy week and next thing I knew it was Friday. I left work early to come home and the plan was to get on the treadmill but my poor cat injured herself Tore her ACL of all things! Yes just like football players and well I had some drama getting her to take her meds! She is 15 years old and looked ok but she has some other issues so I will not let her have surgery.

The plan was to go see the movie Red Tails with some sorors &  friends so before I knew it, it was time to get ready to go to dinner and so no treadmill!

Confession time my calories were way over! I am PMSing eating cheese curls and bbq chips! All week! Then I had the nerve to get on the scale and be salty lol but today is a new day. I had a EAS protein shake and I have some salmon defrosting.

The weather here is horrible! We had a little snow but there is a lot of ice so my gym was closed and that meant I couldn't see my trainer today as planned. I couldn't let another day go by without working out so I went downstairs and got on my treadmill and used weights, adjusted the incline a few times and before I knew it I was half way through a Law & Order episode and I said let me just stay for an hour or 3 miles which ever come first!

The Aftermath! LOL
Thank God my mother bought me that treadmill 3 years ago! What a blessing!

I came across a quote this morning that said

‎~“The more I want to get something done, the less I call it work.”-Richard Bach 

I am so happy & grateful I don't see exercise as work! Even when I am busy its not for a lack desire to workout its just a lack of time management! But my goal of 37 pounds lost by my 37th birthday is something I really want to get done so I'll adopt a new attitude towards my goal. Its not work! Its progress!

Have a happy Saturday! If you are snowed or iced in like me be sure to work out...scratch that... be sure to EXERCISE and drink plenty of water! Tomorrow my plan is to go Spinning, Monday see my Trainer, Tuesday I have class so I will do a midday at work class, Wednesday my new class starts so I will catch the 5:30 spinning class,  Thursday another spinning class and Friday TBA. My goal is to workout every day this week and finish my 30 mins 30 day Exercise challenge strong!

I'll check back soon!


  1. We've enjoyed reading your blog! What's your favorite EAS product? ~Jon @EAS

  2. Hi EAS thank you!!! I am a fan of the Myoplex Lite chocolate shake! :-)

  3. Great choice! Don't forget to check out our new Lean 15 Protein Powder at ~Jon @EAS