Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The C Word

Its half way through January! That is crazyyyyy!!! Well I saw the above ad at The Vitamin Shoppe for what I don't even know but it spoke to me. I went to "stock up" on some supplies for the journey such as Atkins protein shakes, Vitamin D chews, and some calcium chews after getting an earful from my doctor! On the upside my blood press was 100/70!! *Jersey Shore fist pump* It made me so proud of myself since a few years ago I was on blood pressure medication!

My point... The C Word.... Commitment! It seems to be an on going theme lately. I was in spinning class last week and the spinning teacher made the statement when we got to a rough part of the ride and it really struck me too. She said "Commit to it!" That really helped me to dig in deep and push through the rest of the ride. PS Thanks Erika V.!

A few days later I saw this sign and I realized I have done some bad azz athlete-like things 5ks, a half marathon, a freaking triathlon, rock climbing, Krav maga, etc., etc. but I have failed at making a sincere commitment to the journey to be a real athlete!

I like the flexibility or the crutch of using/abusing food for stress relief vs. using yoga and mediation.
I like holding onto old/bigger clothing to have wiggle room vs. letting go of every piece of clothing over a size 14.
I can quickly go one month without a single workout and not really miss it.

I am NOT committed to the journey to be a true athlete.

Clearly I see all the benefits of exercising but I guess I have not fully committed to the lifestyle and mind set of an athlete

That doesn't mean I don't get to take a break or rest day but part of the reason I started the 30 day 30 minute per day challenge was to get my mind right in terms of consistency!

Athletes are consistent! I blogged about the 3 Amigos the guys who run at 5am no matter what. Athletes.

Well I went back to my Personal Trainer Charles on Monday and ooohhh weeee was that a welcome home! The pics are below! It helped me to remember that doing cardio is good but weight lifting and cardio is where its at! I am still sore and its now Thursday! I am not mad at him or it! I need to reach my 37 pounds down by my 37th birthday!! And with this type of COMMITMENT I WILL!


  1. Hi Cylia, I have just discovered your blog today, and I love it! I love your enthusiasm, your great advice, and your bright pink and happy colour scheme!

    I am now following your blog and look forward to reading your new posts (as well as hopefully shedding a few pounds alongside you!)

    Best Wishes,

    Sketching Girl :)

  2. Thanks Sketching girl! Welcome!! Welcome!