Thursday, January 5, 2012

What getting back on track looks like 2K12

Well its been a minute since a did a food/product review for getting back on track so the first of the year seems like a great time to do it!

Food is key and goes hand in hand with exercise so here are some new goodies I have come across and would recommend to ya!

My New York day trip snacks!
Needless to say I travel a lot if yall have been following my journey you know I am on a plane, train, or automible every month sometimes two or three times a month! Travel is the devil. Its so easy to grab chips, candy, and random foolishness like gummy bears and other things I would not normally eat but because I am on the road its like a free for all. Well on this trip I planned my snacks so I wouldn't be tempted at the rest stops.

Dan Active is only 80 calories. Its not very big its like really like 3 sips. I only bought them b/c they were on clearance and I am always behind on my calcium intake!

Fage yogurt- I blogged about before I think! I still like my Chobani but the fage I don't need splenda! Its just a nice change of taste and it is a lil high point wise its 4 points but it does make me feel full longer!

Blackberries- I got them for 99 cents and they are not super sweet but still a good snack! They are only 62 calories for 1 cup!

These Rosemary & Olive Oil Triscuts are THE TRUTH! A serving is only 6 crackers so portion control is KEY! 120 Cals/4fat/20carb/3 protein so that's only 3 WW points.

Almonds- I've talked about before!

Lastly the Luna Bars! I am such a creature of habit I rarely try anything new but Trader Joe's had them on sale for 99 cents so I tried a few and boy are they good! My fave is the Nutz over Chocolate but I the peanut butter and  white macadamia nut are good too! They are 5 whole points which is a lot however its basically a meal replacement or big pre gym snack. If you count calories its only 120-150 so that's very reasonable for a snack and they are sweet enough that you don't end up wanting "real" chocolate. Winner!

Mom's recommendation~ 180c/3.5 fat/28 carbs/ 8 fiber/ 12 protein
Taste good but mine is better but this is good for the portion vs me making a whole crock pot and getting tired of it and throwing it away!
This is old school but its a great sugarfree afternoon sanck when you want something sweet!

Laughing cow is a great snack with crackers! Full of flavor but only 30 calories!
Another great option when on the go and don't want to leftovers of soup! 100 calories and taste great!

Well that's all for now! I am picky about what I eat and what I like so I would say try these and let me know what you think! I will work on tagging my post so you can see topics grouped together but here are the links to other reviews in case you want to go shopping this weekend!

I am happy to report yesterday I did 31 minutes on the treadmill! Yeahhh me! I was tired but I got on and called two people while I walked and before you knew it, it was time!

Today a good Soror friend asked me to pick up a jacket for her daughter since it was kinda close to my office. I said sure thing no sense in her driving over 100 miles! I google mapped it and it was 1.5 miles each way! Shooottt I've done did 5ks, half marathons, and triathlons so surely that would be no biggie! Well that took me an hour! LOL granted I wasn't running or jogging but that seemed long lol and I worked up a sweat LOL So I got my 30 minutes in Day 5 is a wrap!

Tonight I am cooking dinner for my Linesister. She was the one who I did the Iron Girl Team in Training group in honor of! Haven't seen her in a  while so I am looking forward to it!

Day 6 I am looking at hitting an aerobics class after work instead of spinning. I did something weird to my left hand! The part of my hand where my index finger and palm meet hurts like hell! I think I slept on it wrong like maybe I bent in way back in my sleep! Darn me for using 6 pillows! There's bound to be some danger in being that comfortable lol

Ohhh and Beres fan called last night :-) Let me stop smiling :-)  :-/ Men! Now he wants to know what he can do to get me back! I gave him the Drake line we just want something different. I told him I am not mad at him and I know he's a good person but he's a typical 30 something single man with no kids and no real responsibility and he agreed. I told him in contrast I guess I am a typical 30 something year old woman who wants a relationship which = responsibility, communication, etc. I kept telling him it was ok but he wants to work things out..
I dunno I am lukewarm on the idea... but we'll see. Right now I have a lot of things I need to do this year and 2011 went by so fast I need to be mindful of what and who I spend my time with in 2012... 2012 is all about the power moves...

Ok will check in soon! Any foods you want to share "for the good of the order" lol please post them and I'll try them out!

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