Thursday, August 13, 2009

Use Your Resources

When I first wanted to pledge one of the first pieces of advice I was given was to 'USE YOUR RESOURCES." It made sense right away basically if you worked with a member, had a class with member, grew up with a member, or had any way to connect with a member of the organization you wanted to become a member of USE YOUR RESOURCES to reach your goal of membership.
I work full time as an attorney as my bio states but I am also a part time Adjunct Professor at local community college. I enjoy it a great deal but it is yet one more thing I add to my already over burden life! On the upside it is a great part time hustle ie., a way to earn extra money.
Anyway...One of my biggest regrets in college was that I did not take full advantage of the gym at school. To be honest I never once even set foot in there the entire 3 years I was in college. Huge regret.
Anyhow teaching is about to start up again and I have been trying to decide what to do about working out during the week or rather my lack of working out during the week. THEN it hit me! USE YOUR RESOURCES!!!! As an adjunct faculty member I get to use the gym for free! As a bonus there is also a pool. Another bonus is the school is located like 1 or 2 miles away from where I park to catch my bus! WIN/WIN!
This saves me $70 I would have to spend to join another gym that is closer which I was on the verge of doing! I need cardio in my life and I am just too tired when I get home from work between the 1 hour long bus ride then the 40 minutes in horrible traffic I am spent! Follow through will be the key but I would benefit so much for even 2 extra hours a week of cardio! While this blog is about being more active ultimately I want my activity to register on the scale and cardio is must! Today will be my first day I will go by and see what they are working with.

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