Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Ok well by the time this event has come and gone I'll be on the other side of 35 (years old) but I guess you can still call me a GIRL if the word IRON is in front of it lol

Well I just registered for the 2010 Aflac Iron Girl Columbia Women's Triathlon!!! A few years ago my friend Devron and I started riding bikes at his local park and we literally rode into the Iron Girl event! We didn't know what it was! All we gathered was that a lot of women were in the park looking beat downnnnn! I went home and googled it and realized Columbia Maryland has one of the most popular triathlon events in the country! Who knew? Me being me I said "Cool one day I am going to do that!"

The same thing happened to me and the Baltimore Marathon in 2005. I literally drove into a road block the day of the race and ran into a police officer I knew and asked her what was going on and she explained it was the Baltimore Running Festival and I said oh ok went home & looked it up and said I'm gonna do that! I did the Baltimore Half Marathon in 2006 and it was a good experience! My only regret was that I did not actually train for it. I was hitting the gym hard for months so my stamina was there but that wasn't a good idea! I am such a procrastinator! lol I cram for everything! In the end I did it, got the t-shirt, crab medal, and went home to a good pasta dinner and some mighty sore thighs!
The cool thing about athletes are they support each other! I remember being on mile 8 or 9 and I asked myself "Why ON EARTH did you do this? Who walks/jogs/runs 13.1 miles or more? For what heavenly purpose Lord!!!" All of this was inside my head of course and marathoners were passing me by patting me on the back and giving me high 5s and thumbs up! What a feeling! When it was over a few of us hopped on the lightrail/train and it was cool we were high 5-ing each other and smelling terrible based on how the other passengers were looking at us and moving away but we just happy to be done! When I got off the train I walked into a another group of runners they looked like they walked out of a Calvin Klein ad and they were saying good job and patting me on the back I was thinking by far this is the best "cool kid" moment in my adult life! lol
But this time in an effort to turn over a new leaf I shall TRAIN for the Iron Girl!!!!
Last year my friend Nicole did her first Tri and she did it with Team in Training. You raise money for Leukemia & Lymphoma and they provide free training for any half marathon, full marathon, Triathlon, Century bike events, etc. Not a bad deal! I raised over $2,500.00 in 2006 when I did the 2 Day Avon Breast Cancer walk so I am not worried! I have a very supportive network of family, sorors, friends, and colleagues who will support me and this great cause!
I am looking forward to this! More info on events and how to donate will follow in the Spring!

Event details in case you wanna come see the event!:

August 22, 2010
Centennial Park - Columbia, Maryland, USA
0.62mi Swim - 17.5mi Bike - 3.4mi Run

2010 Iron Girl!

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