Saturday, November 28, 2009

Alcohol & Exercise

Alcohol & Exercise...Just Don't Do It!
I went out last night and had really just 1 drink ok so 16 oz. of it and I don't know what was in it problem #1! I went home felt fine and didn't stir again until 7:30am! I wake up faithfully at 5am everyday! WTH?! Anyway had my trainer today and thankfully he asked to move the time back I was like "BET! Let's make it 10!" So I slept in and missed WW :-( but finally made it to the gym at 10am. I was dragggggginggggggggg! I am glad I got the workout in rather than canceling it but this is a lesson I learned a few months ago. Alcohol will mess you up the next day in terms of your concentration and energy level, I was really on E (empty) but it was a good workout all the same. I am glad I have nothing else on my agenda today :-) I am reading a good book and doing some de-stressing with art and just getting some clarity on other areas of my life and I am feeling really great.

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