Friday, January 22, 2010

On a roll

Well that's 2 successful weeks of adding back my workouts in addition to my personal trainer! I did Socarobics & Chizel it last night. Boy what a workout! The best 2 hours of the day I'll tell you that! Socarobics was a lot harder last night than it usually is; not sure what got into her! Chizel-It well we know how my personal trainer gets down it is what it is. I know I mentioned it before but Chizel-It is a combination of Step, weights, kickboxing, and high impact aerobics...yes all in one class! Well it is a hardddd class but I must say I felt stronger and I could workout longer than before! The scale is moving again so I am 24.4 pounds away from goal. Surreal... In an effort to be fully in the moment...(Thanks Debbie Ford)
I am happy, grateful, and I feel fantastic!
I rejoined my other gym Brick Bodies got a sweet deal with the Junior League so tomorrow my plan is to go to Weight Watchers for the 8am meeting then go to my fave Step teachers class at 9:30 and then 10:30am I will go to my other gym and do Socarobics. LOL I know what that sounds like but that's my life! lol

I go to see my Doctor and my nutritionist next Friday. I need to have some blood work done and I know my Doc will freak b/c I have not been taking my vitamins and I know my levels will be off. That's a tip be sure to ask your Dr. for a full blood workup. Last year I was really dragging and found out I had a Vitamin D deficiency like I am in Antarctica or something! But I was waking up at 5am, at my desk by 7 and leaving at 3:30 and home by 5 and maybe getting 1-2 hours of sunlight! Not good so I had to take 10,000 mg Vitamin D supplements! I was beating myself up for being "lazy" but in actuality my body did not have any energy to give me! So be sure to get that checked along with you other important numbers at least once a year!

I cut back on my food a lot this week in an effort to squeeeezeeee out the last 25 pounds before my appointment & I have some kinda stomach thing going but I am feeling it in my workouts. So yesterday I added some more carbs but they were crappy carbs pita chips and cookies oh and yes chocolate! WTH? The mind is a trap! I had the nerve to email my cafeteria (after then sent an agency wide email asking for suggestions) asking if they could have baked potatoes &/or baked sweet potatoes on a more regular basis as both are healthy carbs and make great meals or side dishes! The manager wrote right back saying great idea he will offer them the next business day; Tuesday! And they have been there everyday and I have walked right by them lol Ah well at least they are there :-) See not perfect...not in the least bit and since I gave up the goal of perfection some time ago I okay with that. I am a peace and that's a great feeling!

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