Friday, January 29, 2010

Busy week...

Well I have not worked out since Saturday! For the record today is Friday! Yikes! This was my week...

Sunday~ Alpha Kappa Alpha Metro Founders Day I was out from 10-5pm

Monday~ I went into the office rather than working from home

Tuesday~Worked from home and had AKA Regional Committee work to do

Wednesday~Went to the Junior League of Baltimore's Fireside chat and then to my former boss/mentor/friend's home to celebrate her being elevated to the Circuit Court bench!! Till 3am :-/

Thursday~ I went to work and then had an appointment at 6pm that evening.

Friday~ Yeah oh my that's today! I am staying in DC to go to a Black Greek letter Org. Happy Hour. It will be a nice chance to meet men and women (from my sorority and others sororities and fraternities that work in DC. Looking forward to that!

To add to that I have been eating less on purpose to lose and well it didn't work my Doc's scale had me at 72 pounds loss when the home one had me at 75 the other day. SOOO back to being fully on board with Weight Watchers in fact I will log in today with my points! Short cuts just don't work...

In other news... Team in Training Triathlon training kicks off in February...Ughhh I missed that memo! I thought it was April! *insert Homer Simpson's DoH here*

But back to my non workout week...To make matter worst I am on duty for my AKA Regional Committee tomorrow so I will be in DC at 7am until at least 2-3pm *whew* Are you tired yet?

Then we are back to Sunday.... I am in need of church so I may make my grand come back then do a class afterwards...We'll see! The lesson for me is one busy week is not fatal. I lead a busy life and as time moves on and changes take place...marriage, kids, etc. I need to find that balance and maintain that drive to be healthy so a week of here or there doesn't mean falling back in bad habits its just a quick break.

Anyway I am basically at 1 year of trying to get this thing together so I was looking at some pictures and figured I'd post some. I do see a difference 70 or so pounds can make I will be honest it doesn't sound like a lot (TO ME) but the proof is in the pics I guess! I am happy for sure and I feel great and I must say I look great I have received a boat load of compliments especially on Sunday from Sorors who have not seen me in a few months! That feels good :-)
For anyone who sees themselves ughhh you signed an invisible release upon taking the picture lol

:-) Pics to follow

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