Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Getting Back On Track

Well Christmas is a fond beach frolicking memory, New Years is a fun filled evening now by gone! Anddd a sister still has not gotten back on her workout grind like in the fall!!! I can say I didn't stress myself this holiday season. My goal was to not gain weight this holiday and while the scale went up and down in the end it was down so I am happy about that.

But its January 13, 2010 and I am going back to basics! A wonderful Soror of mine emailed me about the Zumba class at my gym and so we made a date to go tonight and have a lite dinner afterwards! A workout buddy is a great asset because you are less likely to skip out on someone who 1. You like & 2. You know they are counting on you to be there! So I am looking forward to it! Now its about 4 people going. Sweet! Quadruple accountability!

So today is Day 1 Back On Track with my additional exercise as I call it (meaning in addition to my 2 personal training sessions per week). Good point to make here...don't ever drop everything! I may have skipped my classes but I kept up with my trainer and I know that is what will make it easier to return back full force sooner because I didn't just stop all together.

A/w I have been really busy lately (I know, I know lol) but it really seems like every time I turn around there is some meeting, event, party, or program. I am not really sure how that differs from any other time lol but maybe I am feeling a little run down because last week I had a horrible cough went to the Dr. and it turned out to be bilateral pneumonia! I was shocked because I didn 't feel THAT sick but he said that's how it happens and people end up in the hospital! I was off work for a few days and now I am back feeling fine but my appetite isn't really back to normal. But I am not complaining! I am sipping on a protein shake and I packed some chicken broth for lunch with no salt saltine crackers (yes there is such a thing!) and laughing cow cheese! I shall take advange of this! lol

Yall know I am not the poster child for 110% healthy eating I get that weight loss is like balancing a check book and I will drink my calories and for-go chicken! Not saying that's the right thing to do because it is not but you really have to watch skinny people if you want to be one. For example, in the past when I would go to a happy hour I would eat a meal... hot wings, crab dip, fried shrimp w/ fries and all at one time! Yeah I might share some but on top of that I would have at least 2 drinks. That's after a work day where I would have had breakfast, lunch, and certainly a candy bar for energy later in the day. Do you know how many calories that is?! And late in the evening? Meanwhile look at the skinny girls... they may nurse 1 drink all night and dance or play pool (shout out to the FOP!), or God-forbid just TALK! I am hip to the game now. So now you really do not catch me eating at happy hours...drinking heck yeah but pigging out not a chance! I go there to be social because that is really the point of a Happy Hour. In the past when dieting I would just not go and people thought I was anti-social but really it was a control thing if I wasn't there then the fried chicken wouldn't tempt me! But that did not lead to a very balanced lifestyle and I am a social person! I loving being out and about and having a good time. Everything in moderation! I can be honest if it is one thing lawyers are known for, its for being big drinkers. So in my professional/social circle there is ALWAYS a Happy Hour or a let's meet up somewhere impromptu Happy Hour. Its like after the bar results you get a tab or something lol but I can say my new job is not as stressful or as social (lol) as my old one and I think that has lead to my success as well. Anyway off topic...

I am setting some goals for 2010 most of you know I am doing the Iron Girl Triathlon in August, I also will do the Baltimore City States Attorneys 5k in the spring, & I want to get certified in spinning and also at least 1 Les Mills class. That's a busy fitness year but I am looking forward to it!

Weight wise I am (give or take the day) within 25-30 pounds of my initial goal. I am giving myself until March 15th to lose the rest. I have been skipping my Weight Watchers meeting too and I haven't been to brick Bodies and I plan to go back this weekend I miss spinning and Body Flow. I think if I can get in 5 solid workouts a week I will be golden. I'll keep ya posted!

As always thanks so very much for the love and support! Sometimes I get a text or an email just when I need it most and I have to say thanks :-) Change is difficult, even good change like living a healthy lifestyle! I have always been a pretty confident and self assured person (Thanks Mom & Dad) but when you set an intention (Please watch or read The Secret) like I did last year to make this dramatic change it requires a tug-of-war with the person who are vs. the person you are becoming and that ain't easy! So thank you! The positive reinforcement is a tremendous help!

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