Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Ok WOW! Why is it March?! No seriously where did March come from?! Time is flying! Like they say time flies when you are having fun! Friday night my former boss/mentor/friend was honored by her law school's Black Law Students Association as their Alum of the Year! So I went to their banquet. It was a great event and I told her I don't fool with that school because they rejected me when I applied there for law school 11 years ago! lol I still remember calling looking for my parking pass and they were like 'Hummmm ma'am...."

I can say I pretty much get what I want/work for/expect (humming TI's song "You can have whatever you likeeee") but that was one of the rare times I didn't! I was so shocked! And disgusted! lol But I can say without a doubt God knew what He was doing when I was clueless! I thought I knew what was best but in   the end, as always, He knew better and I have no regrets! I love my law school and I had a very different and enriching experience than I would have had at the other school. I heard about pages being ripped out of books, classmates not speaking, etc. but because of that rejection I ended up in a very nurturing and supportive environment that changed my life in a great way. It was humbling but it was a moment in time I surrendered and I said "Ok God it's on you Playa I trust you!" So it all worked out...perfectly! But I still don't fool with them like that...only for her! *Putting an honorary J.D.* on my Vision Board. I don't lose! lol 

A/w well we had another Ice & Ivy Mixer, actually the same night as the banquet lol that's how I do! It was EXCELLENT! It was a great turn out again even though our private party ended up having some company but ultimately it was still lots of fun! People tend to know me as being more serious in my sorority life like I am at every meeting, working hard on my committees, thinking of new things for the chapter to do, being a member of a Regional committee, etc..work, work, work but I really said this year (and last year) my goal was to have more fun! Yes I EVEN set goals to have fun LOL but the Black Greek community is cool and I am enjoying meeting some new, positive, educated, (and handsome!) folks! Anyway it was a good night!

But it made me think about "getting help" from friends, family, etc. I was introduced to a guy and my new intro question to men is "Were you born in the 1980s?" Yeah I said it! Look I am meeting too many under 30 year old men all perfectly nice I am sure but if you were born in the 80s I just can't! Well he just made the cut...1979 lol and I told him so! lol anyway we were having a nice chat when two friends pounced in on the conversation. One starts in with "Oh she's a LAW-YERRRRR" and the other one (God bless her heart--I think) proceeds to threaten his life about five times in five minutes. No seriously...you heard me... she said something along the lines of "If you do anything to hurt her I will hunt you down and kill you." Yeah....
Sooooo the 'potential victim of a senseless crime' and I chat some more and he says he is going to leave and he gives me a hug and says he has to go but hopes he'll see me again real soon. I said likewise! So here comes friend #2 back over where I am seated and she's sincerely excited and asked "How'd it go?!?!" *insert bright eyed smile* I said "Well... he seems nice but he didn't ask for my number." *insert Kanye West shrug* A/w she looks devastated and exclaims "WHAT?! Oh my God! I can't believe that!" I smiled and turned around to my other sorors and thought to myself... Really? You are surprised? I mean he doesn't know me but knows I have one friend who thinks he has to "sell me" because I am a "LAWWWW-YAAA" and then there's you who knowingly or not... is implying I am some kind of basket case or emotional cripple who seems to meet horrible men and I am so fragile that ipso facto if he thinks about hurting me you've told him 5 times  that you will have to hunt him down and kill him.  Really? Are you surprised? Nah if I were him I'd give it another one or two times to get to know me too. Who needs the drama!? I mean but damn... people try to be helpful but its just goes to show sometimes you need to stand up for yourself and say no thanks don't need that kind of help. I should have shut her down...however she is off so I said maybe he should hear it and memorize her face just in case lol Ok ok just jokin'...

#1s are the best!

Fun Times!

But it reminds me of when on this journey people have said things like...oh don't be so hard on yourself... I couldn't be in the gym that much...Why do you spend so much money on a trainer or sneakers or whatever. They think they are helping...maybe...but asserting your self on your journey is key. I was having a call with some friends recently and one person said they wanted to lose 100 pounds and right away someone chimed in and said you don't need to lose that much! She told her weight and said nope I can and the person still insisted she didn't need to lose that much. I said its your journey don't listen to what anyone else has to say make up in your mind your goal and stick to it. See people think they are helping. The person then said well its such a big goal so break it down a few pounds at a time. Which is sage advice I said it all the time but I said you still need to know your end goal and it should be clear even if you go one pound at a time its like having a road map for a trip you need to know where you are going. That kinda shut things on that topic down.   

Anyway.. The help.. consider the source and filter accordingly based on YOUR journey and your goals...is my only point. I had a friend text me last week asking for help she was at an all time high in terms of her weight and she wanted some friends to keep her accountable and she asked me to step in on the exercise part. I said bet! Think she didn't get a text from me on Saturday morning asking her where she was? *Humph* Other lesson be careful who you ask for help lol they just may come through more than you expected!

A/w Saturday was a good day too despite not getting home until the wee hours. I made myself get up on time and get out to the gym! I went to Chizel It and did 1 hour of Personal Training with HIM. WHEW! I worked IT outttttt! Charles hates when I don't give 100% and he'll always say with (disapproving eyes) "You have to balance and not over do it I need you at your best when you come in here..." I didn't want to hear it from him so I really pushed myself! I did over 300 lbs on the leg press and its been a minute. What what! Charles really mixed it up and I felt strong. We did weights upper and lower body. I did 1 minute of jumping on a trampoline with weights, 3 minute sprints on the treadmill all good stuff! Even he had to say I was on it! :-) Fake it till ya make it! 

A/w later that day a friend of mine who was my Body Combat and Step teacher back in the day and all around awesome person had a birthday that night and I had a blast. It was at a cute tapas restaurant in Baltimore Centro! She raised funds to support the House of Ruth; as a former Domestic Violence prosecutor that is a cause near and dear to my heart. She actually use to do a 3 hour -workouts to raise funds and I used to love it! Three straight hours of sweat! I always tell her when I get my Oprah money I am taking her away from all this as my cardio instructor! In 2006/7 I lost 45.6 pounds and she was sooo instrumental and supportive of my journey and has always been she is a special person and but for exercise we would have never met! Awesome! A/w getting too sappy in my soon to be post 35 age lol the event was great! I met some new people and had a great time. I didn't think about a Weight Watchers point and enjoy their white sangria & wonderful tapas! Yummy! Sinful!

Happy Birthday!

Hummm sangria! Humm why is the picture slanted...lol

Sunday I spent the whole day in church and went to a Black History month concert with this amazing singer Thomas Beard! It was a long day but I really enjoyed myself!  SO Sunday was a rest day in terms of working out physically but spiritually I was on it!

Monday I was back at it and had my personal training session plus I took my trainer's class and I set my alert in my blackberry early so I ended up doing an extra 30 minutes of cardio to kill time! My running on the treadmill sucks though! My trainer tried to get me to go outside but I really don't like the element! The bugs, the smells, etc. No bueno! I have a Soror who is doing the Couch to 5 K program and I can't tell you how many times I have tried to do that darn program! I just never stick to it! Maybe later in the year.

Speaking of sort kinda goals I did another vision board! The Oprah version I so love that tool!!! Click Here to go to Oprah's Vision Board

Best Life Ever Part 2

Well the rest of my week is kinda hectic. I have a packed schedule but have to make it to the gym for a book signing and fitness event tonight but I'll be late. I have a lot on my plate I have two road trip two weekends in a row! Which will throw off my workout plans. I make up so much time on the weekends but when I am on the road that goes to hell. I really need to get back to WW too but that'll be another 2-3 weeks I guess. 

What else...Ohh I was chatting with Bachelor #1 earlier I felt bad he asked to be "penciled in" OUCH! But what can you do?! I think he isn't higher on my priority list because I know he isn't in the right place in life for a relationship so its less pressure basically but he's busy too so its all good. My other friend had some family issues so we've been speaking regularly and we'll see. Plus I am still "taking a break" lol 

Anyway its March and to quote one of the ladies from a workout group I visit "Its time for "MARCH MELTDOWN!"  My goal is 10 pounds this month so I got to get on track food wise and keep up with my workouts! Will update soon!! Have a great week!!!


  1. As usual, you are an inspiration. There were so many take-aways, but the one that continues to resonate is being true to your own journey. I think that is a recurring theme lately because as I have tried to be more serious about myself, I am more inclined to be honest about my goals despite what others say. Good word, Soror!

  2. Thanks Soror Jacquie!!! Yes I think in the past I suffered from thinking too much about what other people think and paying too much mind to other's opinions too! One Soror gave me a good quote "What you think about me in none of my buisness!" I lvoe it and live by it! I know that I still like outside affirmation but my journey is mine alone and I plan to make the best out of it! Thanks so much Soror for all you help its always appreciated!