Wednesday, July 28, 2010

My blog within a blog

I have a friend who did a great blog while training for her first marathon with team in Training. I initially had plans to do the same then the idea of keeping up with 2 blogs was a bit daunting. Then of course the fact that last Saturday was the first time I went to a training session factored into the equation as well :-)

I met with my personal trainer in Monday and had a good workout he is actually training hard for the Iron man in September! We are going to mix up the workout this weekend to include some biking and running/jogging. Apparently 4 times around the mall is 1 mile. I have 17 miles to bike... Yeah...I know. I finally did some laps 30 to be exact less than 1/2 a mile I think that 38 laps = 1/2 a mile. My shoulder is a little sore but no worries. My biggest boost right now is I went from less than 30% of my fundraising goal to 82% in about a week!!! My friends and family are amazing! I have less than $250 to reach my goal so if you wanna help out a good cause a mere $10.00 please CLICK HERE !!! THANKS TO ALL MY SUPPORTERS!!! YOU ROCK!
Ok so buzz of 'Team Cylia' is in the works for people who want to come out and show their love and support and pink & green signs as I make my way through my first Triathlon on Sunday August 22nd! I will try to coordinate something with my friend Devron who goes to support his boss when I firm up those details I'll send it out! Thanks for all the people near & far who asked about it! I'll appreciate it!! :-)
Truth time-I am not so much scared as I am concerned that I am too clam considering the task -to recap that a .62 MILE swim in open water/ 17.5 mile Bike/ 3.4 mile run) ahead of me. I'll go with the saying God protects fools & babies and maybe I am a fool or maybe as a child I wore my Wonder woman underwear too much and it has me fooled but again my goal is JUST TO (ALL TOGETHER NOW) finish.. OH AND NOT BE LAST! Btw why don't they make cartoon underwear for women? Or the days of the week ones?! Those were the best! Its the simple things that bring me joy!

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