Monday, July 19, 2010

What getting back on track looks like III

Well as promised I am doing another entry on food stuff. People seemed to really like the last entry so I am at it again. This morning before work I went to the supermarket and got a few things to 1. Save money (post Boule funds are low 2. To watch my calories. Hereeee we go!

Prepacked Chef salad on sale for $1.98
270 calories/ 20 fat grams/ 10 carbs/ 2 fiber = 7 points

280 calories/ 20 fat/ 15 carb/ 3 fiber/ 10 protein = 7 points]
*Quick review this was tasty. I need more meat however and you'll see the pics below. Most of the fat comes from the dressing or sauce which was damn good. There are some spicy tortilla chip in there as well and they were very good. All in all a great meal for 2 bucks. If I put this together in the cafeteria I am sure I would have paid twice that!

This is the package in its original state lol

All together. The protein was sorely lacking but my guess is their goal was to provide something less than 300 calories for marketing purposes.

My final product. I added 3 oz of chicken.

I got these for $2.99 pain grilled and the southwest one below. I put it in the microwave for 30 seconds it was very good and added the right amount to beef up my salad.

110 calories/ 2.5 fat/ o fiber / 20 grams protein = 2 points for 3 oz about 1/2 the bag needless to say the bag is less than half way full anyhow. This was a great grab and go item.

I am trying to low carb it without really telling myself I am doing low carb because as soon as I say I am on Atkins or South Beach every piece of bread is calling my name! It is crazy just the idea that I am going to restrict myself sends me into a hizzy fit for carbs so I am not low carbing it just getting a few non carb snacks like cheese.

This 2% cheese is only 2 points per slice. Cool. Used it this morning with my egg whites and turkey bacon.

This other brand was on sale and its "snack size" so I got some!
Now check it out 90 cals/5 fat/0- 2 points but there's an extra 30 calories & 1 gram of fat in here!

Lesson not all snacks or points are created the same! Even though they are both 2 points calorie wise the second option is higher and I need to be mindful of that!

Lastly, Fiber One had a yogurt its very good at least this peach flavor is! 50 calories/ o fat/ 5 fiber/ 3 protein = 0 points! Two however would be 1 point! Nothing is ever really 0 points maybe only water lol
Ok that's my new stuff! Let me know what you think!

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