Friday, July 9, 2010

On the road again!

Well busy bee is at it again! My sorority's conference is next week and it is in St. Louis, Mo. never been so I am happy to go! Plus the first AKA Attorney officially take the reigns as the new president and I am excited about that! Some other things to be excited about are seeing some good Soror friends and seeing the new administration's vision for our sisterhood. Down side is I am struggling to get back on track...struggling I say! I am still sore from Monday's workout with my trainer and I haven't been back to the gym yet. Mister & I are spending some quality time since he is on vacation and I was away part of last week and I'll be away all of this week. That kinda sucks but both plans were well in the works before we met so what can we do. We went to the Reginald F. Lewis museum last night they have a discounted admissions rate of $5 after 5 pm on Thursdays. They have an interesting exhibit called from Beyond Swastika and Jim Crow which explores the relationship between refugee Jewish-German scholars and Historically Black Colleges & Universities. Under Nazi Germany all Jewish government workers were terminated that included professors at universities in Germany. Some fled to the United States and found teaching homes with HBCUs. Its an amazing story and it was wonderful to see the impact on many prominent African American scholars who benefited from these Jewish professors who could easily relate to their plight under Jim Crow.

Well while I soaked in all that knowledge I ask partook of the Cafe at the RFL museum let me just say hummm humm humm good. I been dying for some friend chicken since we visited Mother's in New Orleans and so I opted for that. The chef is a master ok! He made me...yeah made me *pinky swear* try his corn bread *fainting* so good! I also got a sample of his mac and cheese and collard greens!!! This man is a chef not a cook that's for sure! Mister was not pleased with the Chef lol he thought he was flirting with food lol wellll I did tell Chef I'd be back! Mister asked if i would leave him for a man that could cook he better start getting lessons from his Mom lol I told Mister not to worry I aint trying to gain 100 pounds back so its ok that he can't cook as long as his Momma does we straight! :-)

Anyyyhoooooo on the upside we took the steps up to the exhibit. That's a big deal because there are a lot of darn steps and last time I don't think I could have walked up the steps without huffing and puffing. Small NSV (non scale victories).

Saturday I am going to WW and then to the gym to do at least 2 hours and the laundry and then pack. My quest today was to find an article about how to get it right when you are on vacation...I usually workout at least 1 day and that's about the best I can do. This time I really want to set some goals and follow a plan and stick to it. The thing is when you are away NOTHING is under your control in terms of eating because you are always eating out. I need to make myself make better choices. Found this article Top 10 Tips Top Stay Fit on Vacation

Tip **************My Goal

1. Drink Water 1. Bring a water bottle

2. Stay Central 2. I am not sure how to do this but I will walk when I can

3. Moderation 3. Share deserts, skip appetizers, check, check

4. Cut back 4. I wants my likka I'll cut back as much as I can....

5. Bring breakfast 5. Good idea I will pack some oatmeal, bars, and fruit!

6. Take a dip 6. The hotel has a pool I may use it but the point is to exercise and I will 3 out of 5 days will be my goal for at least 35 minutes.

7. Stretch 7. I can do a 10 minute stretch each day no problem

8. Get some green in 8. I will order small salads to stay the meal off with!

9. Breathe Mediate 9. This is a working vacation so I will make sure I give myself time to do this!

10. Have fun laughing burns calories! 10. Nuff said!

Ok gang I'll try and check in and will let you know how it goes! Any extra tips please feel free to share!!

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