Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Procrastinators Unite.....TOMORROW~!


Procrastinators Unite! Tomorrow! :-) YEAHHHH that's my mantra (stolen from Soror Christine's facebook page) Yikes 33 days until the Iron Girl and I have done ZERO practice! ZERO! I AM BEHIND IN MY FUNDRASING GOAL AND I SENT OUT THE WORD THIS MORNING AND ALREADY RAISED AN ADDITIONAL $100!! YEAHHH GOOD PEOPLE I KNOW, HELPING OUT A GOOD CAUSE!!! Please visit my page ~~~> MY PAGE and donate just $10 (more if ya wanna) but just $10.00 a person goes a long way! THANKSSSS!!

OK getting real with yall in 2006 I did the Baltimore half marathon (13.1 MILES) without training. Not smart but you know what I finished! That was my goal. I just wanted to finish ok that's not true I just wanted to finish and not be the last person to finish! lol It was so funny when I checked the results it said I was 2nd to last! And I was like say what?!?! I beat a 90 year old man lol I was hot because I knew I passed plenty of people along the way so eventually they updated the website and it turned out I was second to last in before they stopped collecting the tracking device the others had to mail theirs in. :-) *ego in tact*

This time I need to do something more! At least last time I was in the gym pretty regularly and so I was somewhat fit even though I was still over weight. This time I am maybe 40-50 pounds less than I was in '06 because I lost about 45 pounds and I WAS on a roll but I been slacking lately! All this travel and fun and eating! I am out the workout loop. Well I got a few emails from the Team in Training folks and I am going to get it in gear! I had a girls weekend planned and I had to cancel that because of work issues and I'd have to drive about 150 miles each way alone to get there vs. car pooling and I am too beat down from all the traveling I been doing to drive myself 300 miles in a weekend!

But in the end maybe that was for the best because right afterwards I got an email from the Team in Training people Saturday morning we are doing a Boot camp, Sunday evening its an open water swim :-/ , next week a run/swim and then I have a "dress rehearsal" where we get to do the whole course if we want to. I will maybe swim and bike later for the 3 miles. So in gear! Thanks so much!!

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