Sunday, July 18, 2010

St. Louis debriefing

Boule Gala
Well back from St. Louis! It was a great adventure! As you know I set some goals and thankfully some I met, some I didn't attempt and others almost met. (1) In terms of water I did well I didn't bring or buy a water bottle but I reused water bottles I purchased so I always had some. (2) We were centrally located but the heat index was between 100-110 degrees must days so I used the shuttle bus. There was a lot of indoor walking (3) Moderation...not so much didn't do a lot of sharing lol (4) Cutting back- Didn't work food is a slippery slope! (5) I did bring breakfast most mornings my Weight Watcher bars and other snacks. (6) My goal was to work out 3 days out of 5 at least 35 minutes I did 2 days (45 minutes & 60 minutes) (7) Stretching? Totally forgot about this lol (8) Small salads- didn't happen! The bad thing was other did order salad and I turned my nose up! Ok well 1 time I did at the airport on the way there I went with a Soror I just met and we went to Chili's and ordered what we thought was a good option grilled chicken sandwich she opted for the salad and I followed suit. I called my sister to get the points value b/c I wanted to track and it was 20 freaking points!!!! It has a wake up call! (9) Meditate- well we do a meditation every morning during the conference (10) Have fun & laugh-Yup got that in!
I skipped WW and the gym :-( I was tiredddddd! I guess jet lag or Boule lag can be blamed! I am still tired in fact. But its okay. I still feel great when i look at my pictures from this year vs. prior years but I was not amused that my suits were tighttttt and in fact one really didn't fit. I wore my body sharper like everyday to keep it together. That was a wake up call because I aint got no more big clothing!
I am about to gear up for my triathlon and get into the gym and get ready I have about a month. My goal is to finish lol

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