Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Day 2 of 30

Well quick recap of day 1 of my 30 day - 30 minute a day workout challenge! I went to my personal trainer yesterday for my 1 hour session. Charles, who is a life saver, on so many levels was great. I had SUCH a stank attitude and he didn't give me any problems. lol I guess we've been "together" over a year so he knows my moods and could tell I wasn't my normal self and like a good man he didn't ask me anything lol we just worked out and got the job done. I told him it was a longgggggg weekend and left it at that. I guess my emotions are all over the place but I am in self protect and resolution mode. I refuse to let the devil get the best of me because this situation with the ex is pure evil and I know the Word too well "For we wrestle not with flesh and blood but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places." Ephesians 6:12 I will admit that I lost the battle with comfort food yesterday but I am only human and will just keep striving to put my bad habits at bay and as a back up to counter act them with exercise. (Hence the cartoon) :-) 

I am on a journey, I mean we all are, but God has placed certain "seeds" in me and well with that comes challenges.  I just thank God for a praying Grandmother because I know I am protected. I am not happy about the situation I was put in, but I know other women end up with no one to help them or support them. I am blessed to have a lot of support and love. A wise Soror (who will have no problem naming herself lol) posted something that really hit home "Remember that where you are now is part of God's process to get you where you are going. Don't settle for anything less than what God has for you. Remember that God will get you what you need from whatever source." Thanks Soror Jacqui.. And so it is!

Today I am going to my gym for at least 1 hour and taking Charles's Chizel it class. I am still sore from yesterday's workout but I am going to push through that and get it in. Wednesday I am going Spinning for 1 hour. Thursday its Thanksgiving and needless to say my plans have fallen through lol *sigh* but a friend invited me to their house so I have options. But the gym has some classes and then I got an email from Church! Church ain't seen't me in over a year... at least! I don't know why I fell off but I have those moments when I am hot and cold. Not going doesn't stop me from praying but there is something about being in the House of the Lord. So Imma go to church and go to the gym on Thanksgiving. I have sooooo much to be thankful for so I can't complain...but so much! Next thing you know it is Friday again and I am going to take Zumba that evening.

Its a busy but festive weekend coming up. A Soror I know is celebrating her 40th Birthday so I am looking forward to being around good people & celebrating a great lady! Just what I need! I'll need to watch my intake but slowly but surely I'll get back on my grind from last Fall!

I am journaling again and I need to stay consistent with that as well. Well I will report back soon! Thanks!!!

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