Monday, November 29, 2010

Monday to Monday-Check

Well week 1 of the exercise challenge is a wrap! Ok so I think I tweaked it along the way. I opted to do any intentional exercise every day for 30 days. My goal was a total of an average of 30 minutes. Can you tell I am a seasoned negotiator? lol My Saturday 3 hour workout put me over the top. Sunday I did some walking (ok just into and out of church and the restaurant we had brunch in) and I did some cleaning. Today I made up my own 30 minutes of anything exercise. It included walking in place, going up & down the stairs (from top floor to basement), lifting 10 pound weights and doing biceps and squats and I did a total of 200 crunches. My trainer was feeling sick so no regular session.  

It was a busy and festive weekend. One of my Sorors had a birthday today and planned a weekend full of celebrations andddd it was right on time and I didn't count a point or a calorie.

The pic above made me think of the weekend since I had 2 cupcakes lol plus wine, cheese, crackers, figs, nuts, and fruits at Iron Bridge. Its a great spot! I will defintely go back! Then there was a fantastic brunch on Sunday morning with fried chicken, an omelet, bacon, fried potatoes and mimosas... actually 4 mimosas! *blush* I been honest with yall... I am not focused on my food at the moment and I need to get that together because food and exercise go together. Weight Watchers has a new program I will check on Saturday and report back! I am down 3 pounds since last Monday not bad for a post break up weigh in! A silver lining after a longgggg week...  :-) that plus a massage made it a great day.

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