Monday, November 22, 2010

Ctrl, ALT, Delete

Well I had a  New York Times bestseller worthy weekend is all I can say. The Mister/bf is GONE... I wont go into the details on here but I will say it was better that it lasted a mere 6 months instead of long 6 years. Seriously. I have not given up on my sincere hope of a real man, with real intentions and we'll see what God has for me down the road. Right now I am going to spend my time and energy getting back into my workout groove and focusing on my other goals. There are so many! I am keeping on top of my feelings/emotions because I am a stress eater/emotional eater but its just not worth it. Not at all. I have been working on my friendships and have a great support system that has been keeping on top of me. So in the end I'll count it all joy.

Today I am back with my personal trainer and I am going to the gym Tuesday evening and will do something on Wednesday even if its just my treadmill at home and on Turkey Day both gyms do multiple workouts so I am on it. I am going to do a 30 day-30 minutes every day challenge feel free to join me!!


  1. I was doing a 30 day 10 minute challenge, but I guess I better get back to being real.

  2. lol well you can do a 30 day 10 minute (3 times a day) challenge! :-)