Wednesday, November 24, 2010

"Trust, but verify." ~ Ronald Reagan

Day 2's report! Well my thighs are still on FIRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! from Monday's workout! I did not make it to the gym yesterday because seriously I could barely walk on and off the bus without looking like an 80 year old. I did do 100 sit ups when I got home though. So maybe I will change my challenge to do any intentional physical activity for 30 days straight. So I will not count walking to the bus but I will count doing jumping jacks. I won't count walking around the mall but I will count taking a walk around the neighborhood. I know I do not need to be tied to a gym to get a good workout. I know I need to just MOVE MORE! Speaking of which... I let me Weight Watchers subscription lapse and they keep emailing me... guilting me... via emails! I dunno I kinda want to pay as I go because I missed so many sessions. But I dunno yet. Why do we avoid doing the right things that we know will work? I dunno either. But we'll see what I do Saturday. My main goal is to just get the exercise part down pat again and then tighten up the food. Yesterday I had crab dip and 1..ok 2 adult beverages. I know numbing myself but I am only human and I am under stress. Its an excuse and we know about excuses but I am going to allow myself a mini pity party for a while longer.

Ok so today is day 3 and my thighs still hurt...badly...I may need to take something. I need to pick up some Thanksgiving treats for the homes (yes more than one b/c my friends are the bomb) I am visiting since I am gonna backpack around town like the "orphan" I am lol after I hit the gym then church. I have my clothing already in the car and my sneakers are already on! Today I am going hit the gym and do something even if its just my girl Lippy. I ain't spent quality time with her for a minute.   

Well my title is from a quote President Ronald Reagan made when dealing with the former USSR/Russia and I always liked it. I don't tend to be a trusting person in general maybe its the Nu Yorka in me but I understand not everything that looks/sounds/feels/smells good is good for you that true for people, places, and things. The past 3 days has made the crystal clear and I am a better person for it. Mentally I feel strong and determined more so than normal. As Thanksgiving approaches I feel very thankful for truth, honesty, wisdom, discernment, friends oh my goodness what a great circle of friends I have, and most of all for this wonderful trip called life! 2010 has been an amazing roller coaster. And yall know I don't like roller coasters lol but last year I ended 2009 with a vow to take risks and I can say I certainly did that and some paid off ten fold and others...well not so much. But that's okay. As my idol Oprah would say "One Thing I Know For Sure" is I have a lot to be thankful for and I am going to enjoy tomorrow and relish the good times this weekend and prepare my vision board for the greatness to come in 2011!!!! I am going to employ some moderation in my celebration in all aspects except exercise (lol) Imma get that in for sure!!!

***Well unbeknownst to some troll who tried to post something derogatory on my blog I now moderate all comments so forgive me if it takes time to show your replies as we move forward and as others move on and get a life. Happy Turkey Day!

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