Saturday, November 27, 2010

Getting To Happy

Well its Day 6 of 30 and I hit the gym H.A.R.D. (Hours and Rest Desired) lol Ok I just made that up! :-) I got stood up by my trainer (lol) only by a few hours though so I took Dwayne's Brickhouse Cardio class.  Its not my favorite class but I was already at the gym when I got the text. Sooooo I maybe haven't done this class since maybe last year? A/w a woman in class came up to me and said I looked really good & that I am "coming down nicely!" I told her I actually was a bit smaller and I went back up so I appreciate the compliment. She said well we all have that struggle but you look really good! That was right on time for my ego! I actually remember her because I like her size and when I caught a glimpse of her we were almost about the same size! Maybe we were off by 15 pounds but that explained why her eyes bugged out a bit when she saw me :-)  A friend posted this quote and it seems to fit my journey... 

‎" Victory is reserved for those who are willing to pay its price"- Sun Tzu.

I have paid the price and will continue to do so and I can say without a doubt it is worth it.. There's 5 weeks until the new year I am shooting for 20 pounds.  Needless to say that's a radical goal but I am up for the challenge!

A/w I still wasn't really feeling class and the teacher even came up to me to "encourage" my punches lol I gave him a look like don't mess with me lol and he kept it moving! I then did Socarobics and I wasn't feeling it either. She used a lot of slower songs at the beginning so I was not really motivated to go all out. The teacher even looked at me and said "Come on I KNOW you got more than that!" I had a weak smile for her and wished I wasn't so regimented because I always have to be in the front on the class! In the spotlight...or under the microscope lol

After that my Trainer and I got it going. He whopped me good. I did a lot of upper and lower body and then half way through I had to do the dreaded stairs with two 10 pound weights for 10 freaking times!!!!!! I told him I can't do the stairs 10 times with 20 pounds of weights. He said "How can you say you can't and you haven't tried?" I said "Because its too heavy already." He said "Well try it and when you can't do it anymore I'll take them." I rolled my eyes and kissed my teeth and started the stairs.

However, 10 flights later I didn't give up the weights. That felt good. I had to take a minute and check myself because I am not really an "I can't" type of chick!  In fact I am still not convinced that I can't fly or move objects with my mind...I just merely haven't tried hard enough!  Buttttt with all that has  been going on my mind was playing tricks on me. I said it before this game is all mental. It reminded me about the speaker at the Iron Girl saying you win or lose Kona in your mind. I kept thinking nnnnah chica the body will let you down I mean its 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike ride, & then a 26.2 mile run.... But really should ANYONE be able to do that? lol Probably not but if you can't wrap you mind around doing it you've already lost. That was a good reminder for me and I am HAPPY I passed that test.

My trainer walked me out as is our routine and he said "I can tell you have a lot on your mind" I had to fight back the tears and I just said yeah it been a longgg week but it will pass. We caught up with another instructor outside who was proud to tell me she is doing the Iron Girl in 2011 and I inspired a lot of people. More good stuff for the ego. That makes me happy too. I mean well, I am not perfect but I do want to leave this world and anyone I meet in a better place than I find them. Maybe thats why Oprah is my idol her life's work makes me happy.

A/w I finished reading the book Getting To Happy by Terry McMillian. Its the sequel to Waiting To Exhale. Waiting to Exhale will always have a special place in my heart because it was the first book of that genre I read. It hit every major issue black women face: love, lost, down low/straight turned gay brothers, work, school, children, and just LIFE and best of all, the friendships we create and the support we give each other through the years. Getting to Happy was an ok read. I think its clear that Terry was still going through what went down with her now ex-husband. To be honest maybe that was a topic she should have tackled in fact I may send her an email suggesting that! Maybe it was still too raw to go there but that may help her heal from that kind of deceit and betrayal.  Getting to Happy does catch you up 15 years later and it still exhibits the enduring nature of TRUE friendships that stand the test of time no matter what obstacles may come.  It also shows that Getting to Happy is not a spectator's sport its an aggressive pursuit. I can dig it.

Latersssssss yall!

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