Friday, November 26, 2010

Black Friday 2010

I am not a Black Friday shopper. I just don't see the point in it at all. LOL I have seen some of the youtube videos and I am like really people? Really? lol Stay home in your bed! But who am I to judge *Kanye shrug*

Anyhoo I was feeling a little down so I was happy to be in the bed and I am such a scholar I felt the need to "research" my break up lol making sure I am on the right track I guess lol Ahhh so me! Anyway I found something about the 5 Stages of Grief apparently there are also 7 Stages but I am a quick study so Imma opt for the 5 version!

Step 1-Denial that was pretty quick it went something like "Say What? Oh Word? Damn..alrighty then!"

Step 2-Anger- I been there and done that and the best part was I got to say my peace...a few times in fact. So that was good & healthy for me.

Step 3-Bargaining- Under these circumstances that's not gonna happen, ever and I am ok with that. I think before I began dating this person (and a few others I met last year this time and into the new year) I got really clear on what I wanted and needed in a mate. I think that makes it easier (not easy) to walk away. I read the book The Soulmate Secret and I know I have mentioned it before but its amazing. SO while I aint judging, I know what standards and desires I have so walking away is just what I must do to be true to myself. So no wheeling & dealing in this case. Bet! I'm down to 4 steps! :-)

Step 4-Depression- self explanatory and I felt myself slipping into this and a few of the articles I read all mentioned EXERCISE as a constructive way to deal with your feelings so while I was wallowing in bed I just told myself to GET UP! Kinda like Neo did when he was trying to save Morpheus in The Matrix. In my best Sofia Patrillo voice --Picture it... Morpheus was beat down and bleeding and tied to a chair and Neo came to save him in a helicopter and as Morpheus raised his head Neo said telepathically "Come on Morpheus GET UP" And he broke his chains and ran to safety... well he got shot in the foot by an agent but he still lived lol Anyhoo I called the gym and asked if they had any more classes and my trainer's wife called me by name *I was thinking I'm busted lol* and she said we have Zumba! I made a b-line and got there and even got an ultra primo parking spot!  I am not going to lie yall and say I felt amazing and energized. In fact I wasn't into it like that at all it was more of a going through the motions but either way I worked up a sweat and got it in. I am happy I did it!

Step 5- Is Acceptance and I am so there maybe based on the circumstances that facilitated that and I guess I need to just work on learning whatever lessons there were to learn and taking them into the future. I am big on learning lessons. I really hope in time the true meaning/reason is revealed to me. As it stands I can only say I dodged a serious bullet and thank God for that. I guess I can say a lesson I learned was I am not as out of touch when it comes to my woman's intuition as I thought. So that's good to take into the future.

In the spirit of black Friday I felt like rewarding myself and not with food so I went to Fleet Feet! My law school classmate's family owns it and they are great! I was in dire need of new sneakers and I got the 2011 Brooks! I LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE THEM!!!! They feel soooooooo light like wearing flip flops! GHOST3 - Adrenaline 10 are the best! They have this new DNA technology. The support and feel are great! All sneakers are NOT created equal thats for sure! The older model was 15% cheaper but I fell in love with the 2011 so I paid the extra. Heck I am worth it! I rememebr when I would drop a C note for purfume or some earrings. My how times have changed! :-) I also got some good socks the $10 ones were only $7.99 a pair great deal and I grabbed a new snack by Lance Armstrong only 160 calories and 7 grams of fat and 1 fiber. Its a good pre workout snack.

Thumbs up Lance!

Ohhhh and my law school buddy says he knows a few people who did the Warrior Dash Maryland! I am so there!!!!

Well its Fridayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! And would you beleive it there are only 5 weeks left in 2010?! Man oh man! Time flies! Tomorrow I have my trainer who by the way ran after me when I ducked out of Zumba...just checking on me :-) He's the best! So lucky to have such good people on my team! I always warn him when I get my Oprah money he is set for life so he betta keep it up lol

Ahh well I got a lot done in one week lol but here's a great quote I found that fit well for the season I find myself in:

♥ "To be upset over what you don't have is to waste what you do have." Ken S. Keyes, Jr. ♥

Thanks for the love & support yall!

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