Saturday, July 11, 2009

The Buddy System

Well the workout buddy system is something that realllllly works for me. My best workout routine occurred when I had a workout buddy who was going had like I was. My sister is here for a few more weeks and have been very encouraging. Well Thursday we went back to Soca'robics I really enjoy that class! The key is finding a Compatible Workout Buddy

There is an important component of the buddy system; accountability. If you are working out with someone you don't want to let them down so you tend to show up rather than pass on a workout. I need a new workout buddy!


~Wed-July 8th-n/a

~Thurs-July 9th- Soca-robics

~Friday-July 10th-N/a

~Sat-July 11th-Sca-robics

~Sun-July 12th-Spin

~Mon-July 13th-Spin
-travel to Alaska

~Tues-July 14th -TBA

Next week working out while traveling will be a test to maintain my motivation.

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