Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Exercising While on Vacay

Exercising While on Vacation can be hard but that's a mindset! I typically pack workout clothing and workout when I travel. I am on a working vacation and my goal is to stay active. I am at 29 pounds lost from Jan 31st, 2009. My goal is to hit 40 ponds by Aug. 1st. I know if I was working out regularly I'd be there by now so I need to keep up with this blog to encourage me to keep on the right track. Today I slept pretty late b/c of the flight but I walked for hours sightseeing and checking out the city of Anchorage. I did a lot of walking and enjoyed that. I plan to workout while away below is my plan!

Monday-walking in airport

Tuesday- walking around town

Wed- hotel gym 30 minutes cardio

Thursday-hotel gym 30 mins cardio

Friday-AKA workout

Saturday-AKA workout

Sunday-hotel gym 30 mins cardio

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