Wednesday, July 8, 2009


I got home yesterday and I was B-E-A-T! I had a busy day at work but aside from that I was just tired. I know I need to may close attention to my vitamin intake and especially my iron and I have not but God-bless her my sister tried to encourage me to go to a 7:30pm step class but I was just too tired I went right in the bed for about 1 hour then had dinner. I was really tired. Again I know I am behind on my vitamins and I will start again today but I had a 6 pack of
5 hour Energy so we will see.
Ok to the workout~ This morning I could NOT get out the bed it was holding me hostage! I eventually got out and got to work. Tonight I am feeling like I need to do something so there is a 6:30 Spinning so that's my goal! I'll check back in.

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