Friday, November 27, 2009

Giving Thanks

Yesterday was Thanksgiving and it was a nice quiet day with a good friend. Didn't do a bunch of cooking because I am on a mission. Even more than that the food is secondary to the spirit of the season which is to express gratitude and thanks for the wonderful things we have experienced. I am getting refocused not that I lost focus but I did take a lil break which seems to have agreed with my body because I actually lost 2 pounds! I don't weigh in officially @ Weight Watchers until tomorrow morning but if we are where I think we are I'm down 65 pounds. WOW! I have a Dr's appt. on Dec. 7th and we'll see then but I am excited.

The weight I saw this morning is the lowest weight I have been since 1998 over A DECADE ago! And that was the result of a really bad crash diet and I lost 30 pounds in 30 days!
Needless to say that lasted like 1 minute and I been gaining every since.

I made it to the gym this morning and I had a great workout. I can really feel the difference in my ability to move, go longer, go harder, and get less winded. That's maybe the second best thing about losing weight you can feel the changes in your body in addition to seeing them. I have a beauty mark on my belly and its actually moved closer to my belly button since I have lost so much weight lol hilarious! The best thing about losing weight of course is getting healthier.

A/w I have my trainer tomorrow morning and I am actually looking forward to going hard. I have some...stress... I need to work out and this morning cracked that tip of the stress iceberg. Working out is better than eating the stress away that's for sure. But that's a process Lord knows I did some emotional eating yesterday. It was just popcorn but I was eating it because I was upset not because I was hungry. Bad habits I am wrking on breaking....A/w I am sooooo thankful for Chizel It & my personal trainer Charles; he is a God sent. I am moving forward and I am focusing in on getting this extra 100 pounds...ohhh... excuse me it just an extra 35 extra pounds now off of me! :-) Hope you all had a happy & healthy Thankgiving!

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