Tuesday, November 17, 2009

While the Trainer is away....

Spring 08 Nov 09

Beside the shape of my face the biggest difference I see is I look a lot younger

So Charles is gone on a week long cruise with some other folks from Chizel It! Yesterday was the first Monday I didn't work out since...August. Shameful I know. A wholllleeee day and not one thought about working out. I soooo see why celebrities pay big bucks for full time personal trainers! Its so worth it. All is not lost I do not plan to blow the entire week off that's for sure.

This is where goal setting is important.
Monday-Rest Day
Tuesday-@ 6:30 pm I have my first official Team in Training for the Iron Girl Triathlon
Wednesday- @ 6:30 pm I have a Junior League meeting
Thursday- Free space so insert 5:45 "Socarobics" & 6:30 "Chizel It"
Friday-Free space insert 5:45 "Abs like Mine" class with some dude named Tyrone. I watched the class a few weeks ago dude is sick but I am gonna try it.
Saturday- Day Trip to NYC with my friend Tosha to see the Madeleine Albright Pin Collection entitled "Read My Pins" at the Museum of Arts & Design
More links about the pins!

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