Thursday, November 19, 2009

I think that I shall never know...

This has been a busy week...Some of it good, some of it bad, and some of it just plain ole sad.

Its been 7 whole day and I have not worked out! I know, I know I had big talking going on about MY TIME on Saturday it just didn't pan out. My trainer is away and will not be back until Monday and I had great intentions but I really don't see it being possible to fit it in until he returns. I may have a Yoga date on Sunday though so we'll see.

But I look up and its Thursday....Where does the time go? Things are really crazy right now. I got 2 really sad pieces of news about 2 sorority sisters; one passed away and another was diagnosed with Hodgkin lymphoma. :-(

The Wake is tonight and I'm already a wreck. Soror Barbara was a sweet and wonderful Soror. This is the first chapter member that I know who has passed away in the 5 years I've been a member and the 3.5 years before that when I began working with the chapter in the community. I just don't deal with death well at all. Mostly because I haven't been exposed to much of it. I know its a question of my faith and I guess I need to learn to deal with that one on one with the Lord.

The other Soror who was diagnosed with cancer; I am very close to and well its just heartbreaking because she is so young (30 years old). Cancer is such a grown up diease to me. I don't know how I would deal with that. But she seems to be doing well under the circumstances its just mind-blowing to me. I don't really do emotions but this makes me so sad and I felt so helpless. Another feeling I don't deal with well. But then it hit me, I can do something I can be a friend, a soror, a sister and ironically the day before I heard about her condition, I decided to join Team in Training to do the Iron Girl Tri in August. Their efforts are done to raise awareness about and funds for Leukemia & Lymphoma!!! So now this Iron Girl is so much more personal than before. I like that. She will be a good source of motivation when I am in the open water trying to swimwith 3,000 other Tri-ers

Anyhoo...I really don't think I'll make it to the gym this week. I will start fresh Monday when my trainer comes back. I can't say I don't feel like it because to be honest since getting on my workout kick I never really feel like it but I am in a somber mood and while working out may help release some endorphins to lighten my mood I am not running into the gym. Like I said yoga is TBA on Sunday.

I think that I shall never know
Another love that thrills me so,
Dwells in my heart by night, by day
As does my love for A.K.A.
I think that I shall never fear
Where hears are loyal, true and dear.

Secure I am at work, and play
Of such are these the A.K.A.
I think when I shall come to die
There’ll be no need for fear of sigh,
For if I’ve been an A.K.A.
Life owes me naught I’ve lived my day

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