Friday, April 30, 2010

I'm Slipping...Up 6 pounds

Me @ Luckie's in Atlanta for the South Atlantic Regional Conference 2010

I'm Slipping & tripping! I am up 6 pounds since I hit goal! WTH?! Well I know what happened and Imma show you the pictures lol I am not really tripping BECAUSE I KNOW I just got to get to the gym. The one thing I know for sure (My Oprah moment) is I MUST WORKOUT! I MUST WORKOUT. Period end of story! But lawd YALL got to see this food! Its just different down South! I could never live there I'd be big as a house (again!!!) But it sure was fun & TASTY!!! But look at that... I went to Panama, Trinidad & Tobago and LOST 9 pounds in a week went to ATL for 3 days and I gained well like 3 or 4 pounds!! *SMH* I have not been to the gym since LAST life has been hectic with work, AKA, Junior League, and other fun things like going to see the Yankees beat down the O's :-) Good time! But back to biz tomorrow afternoon I see Charles and map out a way to get in at least 4-1 hour workouts this week. I have my treadmill and I need to use it for these hectic times! Nothing to it but to do it! I feel good, look good saw some Sorors I have not seen since 2008 and I got lots of kudos and "Girl I didn't even recognize you!" I saw my 2 cousins I havent seen one is almost 10 years!!! Unacceptable! I am going to do better! And I saw a good guy friend I havent seen in like 10 years too...dang I don't know why we were never single at the same time...*smh* Ah well...Anyhoo it was an amazing trip I am glad I went!!!! Anyway on to the food!!! Hee hee

This post is dedicated to my dear Soror and fellow Road tripper now Road Dawg Deanna!! Great idea to capture these images of the Durty durty!

First stop- South Carolina, for BBQ!! If you ever road trip go here right away!!!

Ok Pork 3 ways...Really you need 3 ways of Pork?! LOL

My platter! I am drooling just going down memory lane! Baby back ribs with baked potato & Mac & Cheese oh and corn bread!! Deanna had catfish!

Ok the name of this place gave me pause... Biscuits in the south apparently have their own zip code! No doubt to go with the zip code your booty will require if you go here often!!!


I had lunch with Denise & Karen @ Paschal's one word YUMMY!!!Its near Morehouse & Spelman so be sure to top by~Black owned and operated and a landmark!

My catfish!!!! Yams, Mac & Cheese, and corn dressing took half of it home!!

The bread pudding.... OMG Its the truth....none went home lol

Denise got the peach cobbler!! Devine!!

I had the strawberry lemonade!!! Sooo delish!!!! and refreshing!! They had the never to offer 1 free refill!! I barely drank all of this! it was huge!

Bread pudding from Luckie's we went to party but around 1am I went for something sweet!

The Smyrna Jonquils festival- FRESH strawberry lemonade like she squeezed the lemon in front of me!!! In the background this gigantic chicken fingers I had 1 and gave up! That wasn't no finger it was a whole damn arm!

Can you even guess what this is??? Scroll down!

That's right...they fry pies in Georgia! *Smh*

And the picture that birthed a blog entry about my weight gain and southern food... That's right people 20 oz. Steak for $ WHAT THE HEAYL DO YOU NEED 20 OZ OF STEAK FOR??!?!? AND HOW THE HELL THEY SELL THAT FOR 12 BUCKS?!?!
Damn America...just damn... lol
Hope you enjoyed the food p*rn :-)


  1. Girl! What are you ( I really mean WE) going to do when we get to the NO in August? What is the plan for that? LOL!

  2. GIRLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!! I dunno bread & water for 2 weeks before!

  3. ROTFLMAO! This trip was so funny!