Friday, April 2, 2010

JHud & WW

Working Out Chizel~It Style
March 2010

I am excited about Jennifer Hudson being the new face of WW! I am a fan have been since the American Idol days when Simon told her she was too big to win and she didn't... but boy did she show him!!! She is amazing and I love that he had to apologize to her after all her success! a big girl... I watched her video and could relate! I have been heavy for most of my life too. I was never the biggest one in the room but that changed a few years back and I was cognizant of that change and my Doctor recommended Weight Watchers. I joined and had some success but it would usually be followed up with slipping back into old habits the same habits that caused the weight gain to begin with. In 2006 I got real and took my Type A control freak personality to Weight Watchers again and joined a great gym and lost 45.6 pounds in about 6 months great success it felt good, I felt good but slowly I regained that plus. That's the thing WW isn't a diet its a lifestyle change you adopt and I got that at the time but somehow life got busy and very stressful and I lost sight of that.

I got back on a serious path last January and got a nutritionist. She was good and I still see her from time to time but she really wasn't giving me anything more than Weight Watchers was for 3 times the money! So I went back to WW in July and got a personal trainer and decided not to be so Type A about losing weight and getting healthier this time. *cringe*

I said I would take the weight losses with the weight gains, the good weeks with the bad, and keep moving forward even if it was only .5 pounds lost at a time. That worked for me oddly enough. In my life of strictly black or white, on or off, this shade of grey allowed me to stay motivated long term. I have to say changing jobs made a big difference as well while I have a longer commute the stress level is next to nothing and that has been a tremendous blessing. God looks out for His people is all I can say about this job...I found it on line the day the paperwork was due...out of over 300 resumes mine was one of 10 they liked and 3 interviews later I got the job...I marvel at that every once in a while but then again my mantra is "I am blessed & highly favored" so they couldn't help but love me! :-)

A/w back to the topic...I like JHud b/c she is a real spokeswoman a lot of woman can relate to. She is busy, travels a lot, has family issues, a demanding career and she is trying to find balance like the rest of us. I like her! I am rooting for her!

While I am rooting for JHud yall are rooting for me! Don't forget $10 at a time! :-)


  1. I was so happy to see her as a spokes person as well. I rejoined WW last month and the last few weeks were rough, seeing her come out as the spokes person really, really gave me that boost I needed to keep going. I will eventually write a blog about it this weekend. :) BTW, you look good girl!

  2. Ohh wonderful that has been the buzz on facebook and the WW board too people who were feeling uninspired really are getting back on it b/c of her story! That goes me for as well going to a meeting tonight since I have a service project in the morning! Thanks girlie!! :-)