Thursday, April 22, 2010

Sorting things out...

Well I took some time this week to see where all the over eating came from and I think its fair to I think I am being honest when I say that. I think I am a lil frustrated with the experience and that came through in my behavior over the weekend. I should have gone out and worked out or something instead of drowning myself in Italian Ices. I just don't think dating/relationships are rocket science. I went from meeting all sorts of men i really didn't care for who didn't really want relationship to meeting "quality" men that still don't want relationships! I really don't know which is worst lol

I have a date tonight, he seems very nice, so we shall see. I think the on slough of bad press for professional black women is interesting and I fit into the demographic so I can appreciate the need to report but in the end its just you and your feelings. I think its a matter of timing and chemistry and people always say it happens when you least expect it (usually those people are married or on the way to being married so I guess its sage advice) *insert smirk here* But these articles I read some time ago came to mind so I figured I post them!

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