Wednesday, April 14, 2010

100 things...

Half way through the workout....

I wanted to say something profound when I hit that 100 mark but that fell kinda flat lol so the idea of listing 100 observations/ realizations I have made over my lifetime but really most came to mind from January 2009 to now. That's a 15 month span of time where I swear it flew by but a lot of progress was made mentally, physically, emotionally, & spiritually.

1. I am happier

2. I am healthier

3. I am smaller

4. I am more fit

5. I am more energetic (as if that was possible)

6. I am nicer (still got my Mean Girl card but...)

7. Its easier to travel

8. I wear smaller, cuter clothing

9. I can workout longer

10. I can workout harder

11. My mind is more clear

12. My determination is more fixed

13. My drive is more solid

14. I feel in control

15. I enjoy receiving a lot of compliments

16. I feel more alive

17. I am more confident

18. I am more active

19. I am more aware of my feelings

20. I am more forgiving

21. I am not afraid to step on the scale regardless of what I am wearing or what time of the day it is :-)

22. I feel a sense of accomplishment

23. I love working out

24. I love pushing myself beyond what I think are my limits

25. I like trying new things

26. Failure can be a good thing

27. God is able

28. I am capable

29. I am stronger than I think I am

30. I am fearless (except when it comes to bugs, rats, & snakes, etc.)

31. I am a role model

32. I am not perfect

33. I no longer strive towards perfection

34. Delay is not denial

35. I love myself

36. I care about others and their struggles

37. Its ok to skip a workout or two or even a week...just get back on track...

38. It cost a lot of money to lose weight and be healthier (sorry cold hard fact)

39. I have spent a lot of money... 2 gyms, personal trainer twice a week for 9 months, Weight Watchers, protein shakes, vitamins, Doctor visits, nutritionist, etc. but its worth every red cent.

40. I have NO REGRETS

41. I can see a lifelong healthy lifestyle for me and my family

42. All goals are attainable

43. Being incredibly sore is ok...sometimes lol

44. Dating & Dieting can work

45. Its ok to skip a meal

46. Eating at night is a bad thing

47. Ordering dessert is okay

48. Love is the only true adventure....

49. Life has its ups & downs

50. Its only a test

51. Its ok to ask for help

52. Its not a sign of weakness to cry

53. Real friends remain

54. New friends appear

55. Life is a series of accomplishments & disappointments...spend more time on the good stuff

56. Take care of yourself first!

57. Make yourself a priority (see above in case you missed the point)

58. Don't allow anyone into your space that will not treat you the way you deserve to be treated

59. Therapy works!

60. Learn to trust people

61. Quotes are good for you and for others!

62. History is the best teacher

63. I appreciate the mind body connection more...still need to overcome the roadblocks of my mind however I am and will always be a work in progress.

64. Exercise is cheaper than Lexapro

65. Its cool to FINALLY weigh less than what I have been lying about on my driver's licence


67. I am stronger mentally

68. I am more open

69. I like change

70. I have learned how to relax

71. Massage Envy is the best

72. I have not had a Krispy Kreme donut in over a year

73. I have not had a 5 Guys burger in over a year

74. There are some trigger foods I will never eat again and I am ok with that!

75. Life isn't perfect and will never be perfect and that's ok

76. Being of service to others is essential to a good life

77. Balance is the key...

78. Life is good

79. Challenges are opportunities

(sorry to anyone I screamed on, fussed at, or rolled my eyes at in your face...if you missed oh well no harm no foul)

81. I've learned not to be so sensitive... so you didn't know about the big news early on, you didn't get invited to the party, you didn't get to go on the what?! What other people do is SO not about me... and that's totally OKAY! LOL

82. I will always love Jay Z

83. Beyonce' is aiight and yes I am being a hater I am allowed!

84. Laughter is the best medicine

85. Love your parents...warts & all :-) (Run tell 'dat!)

86. It was/is a blessing to have parents that instilled my "YOU ARE THE BEST" philosophy in me or as my friend Tovia says "Your parents did a GOOD job..." although there is a hint of scarcasim and concern in her voice and facial expression when she says that! But whatever Cylia is the best! *throwing confetti*

87. Not everyone is in your corner & that's ok

88. I may not be everyone's "cup of tea" and that's ok too

89. I trust God

90. I don't always do right but I mostly mean well

91. I love to travel and will figure a way to parlay that into a Rachel Ray (my nemisis) like empire...

92. I don't fear the seatbelt on the airplane anymore

93. I am blessed

94. I have sound judgement I just need to use it more often

95. I swear by the power of daily affirmations & mediation

96. I feel my collar bones now *giggle*

97. Fitting rooms are a good, safe place to shed a tear when you fit into a smaller jeans size!

98. I am working on a good bye letter to Lane Bryant & Ashly Steawrt & the Women's department of Macy's etc.

99. It feels good to go from "Theroy to Practice"

100. If I never achieve another goal in my life I will be okay with that :-) Because this feels great & I am in a happy and content place!

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