Thursday, April 8, 2010

Dresses, Dates, & Desserts

Weird title I know but I work well with titles when i have to make a quick post otherwise I go all over the place!

First up dresses! Well I bought 3 new ones yesterday and I must say when you lose weight shopping is a whole different animal! I have always been a shopaholic but I get a whole new high nowadays; the true essence of retail therapy! Ok I know that isn't right or emotionally healthy but for now it will do! Below is a size 10! Say what? Shut yo' mouth!? Yes chile'! A size 10 now granted the other dress is a 12 and the other a 14 but that's not the point THIS dress is a 10! lol
I am so mad I have become one of those obnoxious people taking pictures in dressing rooms and emailing to their friends for approval (Thanks Danielle) and then posting them on a blog! Ahh when did U become that guy!? Ah well! A size 10!

Dates- Well I've been on dating hold for a few months not completely self imposed..I have met some dudes but just no get up and go to the encounters I guess. I did however meet a nice guy 3 weeks ago or really re-met him (long story) and well we are meeting for lunch today. I picked the place because I know the menu and well I am I hate dieting & dating (yes even though WW is a lifestyle, its a diet in a sense as well) I am not a salad eater and I need to watch my points I am down to a mere 26 points! The other day I had only 12 left after breakfast! So I picked a place I know and will make a good choice. They sell very small plates so instant portion control! A/w I am looking forward to it! Even if it ends up being a cool friendship I will not mind (terribly) becuase he is hell-a cool but I do like him! :-) Maybe because he reminds me of myself. In good ways lol very funny, busy with other organizations, professional, attorney, go-getter, community service minded, lots of personality and he's an Alpha :-) sums up my "list" for the most part! So we shall see!


OMG SELF SABOTAGE ALERT! I am eating too many desserts this week brownies with ice cream on Sunday, Vanilla bean cheesecake from TGIFridays Tuesday & Red velvet cheesecake from Cheesecake factory yesterday! See below OMG soooo good! On the quasi (lol) plus side I skipped dinner on Tuesday & last night lol I know bad! I am going to get it together not sure where this sweet tooth came from all of a sudden. I think there is a natural fear of change even good change and my mind is playing tricks on me. Gonna get that in check though!

Later peeps! Thanks for all the support

& encouragement!

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