Monday, April 19, 2010


Well I made it to my evening personal training session. OMG I am B-E-A-T-D-O-W-N!!!!! Charles didn't even care. Didn't care I say! I pushed myself without whining but I am just not an evening person. It was a great workout though. I did about 20 minutes on the treadmill first then the 60 minutes with him. We moved the time back so I didn't take the class with Dewayne.

I just wanna say did I WANT to go workout? No! Was I motivated to go workout? NO! But knowing I already paid for the session and Charles was waiting made me stick to the plan even though I wasn't feeling it. So needless to say I had to treat myself lol

So afterwards I went shopping! I got this nice black and white skirt suit. Its not really court room attire but it can be worn to work. I got a size 16 in that designer the 14 just wouldn't fit up top. I also got a size 14 Nicole Miller dress. I heart Nicole Miller! I have a few bags but never could buy any clothing! They had it in a size 14 and a size 10; a 12 would have been perfect but it was on clearance so I took the 14 with a smile! I got another dress too, a size 14 same deal, a 12 would have been perfect but they didn't have one. I plan to wear that one on my "coffee date" tomorrow! Looking forward to it. We have been talking daily and he seems nice and laid back but not like a push over. So we'll see.

Ok I am beat down for real I am barely able to make it out of the shower and in the bed! Thanks Charles! But I had to check in to let you all know I made it to my session. Thanks for all the support and encouragement knowing there are people cheering me on is a big help!!

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