Sunday, April 18, 2010

Living my life like its golden..golden...golden...

"I got a pink & green girl..she' don't even fly Delta"
I loveeeee this picture!

*Dancing to the beat in my head* Life is really good right now. I went to Weight Watchers on Saturday and my goal was "confirmed." I still don't think it has actually hit me yet maybe because I now have another goal. But I feel good. I went to an event Saturday morning and saw some people from my old job that I have not seen maybe 2 years one I went to law school with and literally her mouth dropped when she saw me. lol She said "YOU LOOK AMAZING!" I said "I feel amazing!" *Flipping my hair* That was cool!

Anyway I am reading this book Women, Food, & God by Geneen Roth. Its deep but it is good. I am definitely recommending it to any woman who has an "issue" with food. I say "issue" because the book really explores the fact that it is not about the food only how we can abuse it to deal or cope or avoid the real issues. Its not a book you read in one sitting if you are reading it right. You need time to listen to what she is saying. Understand the stories and relate them back to yourself. She will be on Oprah May 12th I already plan to work from home that day to watch it!

In other news I went to a sorority event last night for a sister chapter near my home. See picture above! They had a Rock n' Bowl it it was late night blowing with good music! It didn't start until 11pm so you know I love these Sorors because as I have said in the past I have a wicked internal clock. On the upside I never over sleep but on the down side my body likes to shut down completely around 10pm-ish! I am always the party pooper but in my defense no matter what time I fall asleep I am up at 5am so I gotta do what I gotta do! lol
But I love that picture..because to be honest I don't really "see" or feel my weight loss. I know that sounds crazy but I think I have said this before I don't think I really appreciated my size before. There was the truth and what my mind's eye was showing me... I have always been a picture taker but even then I don't think I realized...anyway new pictures help me to appreciate where I am and not because of how I look per se but because of how I look beside people I know are skinny lol I don't know if that makes sense but maybe I'll try and explain it again another time.

Other the date went well but we are going to keep that in the friend zone...its a long...long...story... but he's cool. The End.

But I met someone else :-) and we are going for coffee/tea (he doesn't drink) this week. Seems cool, he's 36, he is in law enforcement (no criminal record- check), works out almost daily (CHECK- we actually belong to the same gym), single, no kids, never married, lives nearby, likes to travel, seems really down to earth and normal ok he admit some neat freak like tendencies but that a plus for me since I can't (won't)even mop lol...

A/w I will be honest I have been tempted to start a dating blog to commiserate... I mean chronicle my adventures in dating but I am hoping I wont endure much more of the interesting adventures I have been subjected to lol But when I am married with 2.5 kids and an Alaskan husky dog named Buffy II I will be writing my book for the masses! Believe that!

Workouts- Well Charles kicked my butt this week. I swear every time I think it can't get any worst he steps his game up. My goal this year was to not whine and complain. Well what happened was we were working out one day at the same time as another trainer and client and the woman got on my GOT DANG nerves with all her whining and fussing! I asked Charles do I sound like that? He said sometimes *insert Colgate smile here* I said ok well enough of that then lol
I am trying to get back into a Sunday routine but we'll see for May. Since I workout so hard on Mondays I kinda like a quiet Sunday.

I lived off of WW zero point soup and chicken pot pies this week. It is a lifesaver. Since I wasn't feeling great it helped. What else ohhhhh my cousin in Canada began a weight loss and workout blog please support her!!!

Go Trac!!!!


  1. I'm very proud of you Soror Cylia! In 1996 I lost 50 pounds and although I lost the weight, I still felt like me when I was 50 pounds heavier. I knew I lost the pounds. It showed in my smaller wardrobe and when I looked in the mirror but I still felt the same. 14 years later, I still work hard at exercising, eating properly, and maintaining a sensible weight. But I have come to realize that as long as I am living a healthy lifestyle, everything is okay!

    Keep up the great job!

    ~Soror Tamara

    P.S. I like the pic too. :-)

  2. Wow soror, you are looking great! Keep up the good work, I know it gets hard sometimes, but I know you can and will do it.

    Soror Anitra

  3. Your story is me 4 yrs ago. I lost 107 lbs. (75 lbs with WW). I've put 30 lbs back on and fighting to keep the rest off. Trying to get my head back to my "A" game. I know with God "all things are possible". Your journey helps to inspire me. Keep up the good work.

  4. WOW Soror Tamara!!! I would have never guessed that!!! I think that lifestyle message is what really hits home for me. I didn't do this to fit into a wedding dress or a class reunion I just finally took the time to make some things happen and live a healthier lifestyle!!! Kudos to you Soror! WOW! 14 years that's a whole 'nother story that really shows you are on top of this lesson!! Kudos!!!

  5. Thanks Win!! And Congrats that is amazing! Please feel free to check in anytime I am happy I can help just a little bit but you have already shown you have the ability to make it happen!! Looking forward to your progress!!