Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Almost home!

Me & my 3rd born/bought Justice in the background @ Ihop

Well I would be lying if I didn't say I was excited this weekend. I weighed in every day several times a day over the past 4 days and finally yesterday I believed the scale! I am down 91 pounds since January of 2009. 15 months have gone by and at a rate of a mere 6 pounds a month I am seeing my goal materialize right before my eyes! 15 months is a long damn time but I told myself this time enjoy the journey...do a new thing...expect a new thing... and well here we are 9 pounds away from my (first) goal. *insert big cheese grin here*

The picture above is from Sunday. I am wearing my sisters old size 13/14 Apple Bottom jeans she gave me like 3 years ago since she was confident I'd eventually fit into them I guess (Thanks Bobbie Chris!) Lord knows I had them in the guest room in a bin just sitting there. I went out on Saturday with my friends and they both made comments about my jeans being too big ok one said "Wow those are too big time to get some new ones!" The other said "Aren't we trying to find you a man? Why the hell you wearing them big jeans..." LOL gotta love your friends!
Well that made me think let me go and try on Jessica's old jeans and see if they fit! At like 60 pounds I got them on...techincally...as I laid across the bed and held my breath and didn't try and get up...so surely another 30 pounds would do the trick lol and it did! They actually had room a little room!
I went to my fave bad store Walmart (don't judge me!!! lol) and they had a cute sundress I instinctively went to the back of the rack and picked up a size 16 and bought it...Well when I got home it was a lil big. It can be worn that way but I figured I'd take it back for the size 14 I went back and said what the heck let me take the size 12 into the dressing room and lo & behold it fit! I took the dress and ran! Well skipped back to customer service and gladly exchanged it! Sweeetttttttt!!!
I am trying to just focus on these last 9 pounds then I will set a new goal. But I am going to enjoy this moment!
In other news My Tri training begins this month!
I am still raising funds and my Sorors & friends really stepped up this week in a major way its not too late to show your support :-)