Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A long day

My Sponsors
(right to left) Soror Florine, Mary, Me, Margaret, & Alma ~ Circa 2004

Yesterday was a longggggg day. One of my Sponsors and sorority mentors passed away last week and yesterday was her funeral. I met Soror Florine and my other sponsors/mentors when I was working for the Boys & Girls Club & going to law school. They came to do community service programs with us when the children in their program left to come to the programs we began! A close relationship developed; that was 10 years ago. At the time, Soror Florine was the Chairman of The Arts, Soror Mary chaired Education, Soror Margaret chaired The Black Family & Soror Alma chaired the Economic Empowerment committee. As you can see I was "raised right" by some hard working Sorors of Alpha Kappa Alpha! At the time there were 5 Program areas and as you can see the women who thought enough of me to bring me to the light...ran four out of the five committees. So when people wonder why I love my AKA its because I saw a good example from these women on what a lifetime commitment to our sisterhood should look like. Words cannot properly express their impact on my life as a soror, woman, and as a member of society always striving to improve my life and the lives of others. The priest yesterday said that Soror Florine was like a fallen branch whose seed spread far and wide and at the end that is what you want; to be able to look back and say "life owes me naught...I've lived my day"
As I stated last time I don't do funerals well. Maybe no one does, but I think its because I have not experienced a lot of death in my family which is a blessing. And maybe its a more selfish reason, death makes you face your own mortality. I mean you go along in life and then all of a sudden someone you know and love is gone. You must take a pause and reflect. But anyhow it was a long emotional day and I didn't work out although I told my personal trainer I would take his class last night. I did spend some time with the Mister and that was nice. While I've never been one to say I don't need a man and I have been single for over a year and consider myself very independent and self reliant but I must say it was nice to have someone to "go home to" and to talk to and just feel cared for sorry no treadmill would make me feel that way yesterday. He's cool.

On a lighter note I am happy to report my home scale had me down 3 pounds already. I am going away and the plan is to go to a Weight Watchers meeting while I am away. Yup that's right. I found a Weight Watchers meeting near my hotel. Its too soon to skip a meeting is my feelings on it so I am going to go. They have an early meeting 7:30 and its only 4 miles from the hotel. I'll be there and back before the roomies wake up. That's the upside to WW they are everywhere!

I need to keep my head in the game. Yesterday I stopped at Cosi for dinner and I ordered the Cosi 1/2 club and tomato soup I swear I could eat that everyday. The soup is so delicious I swear there is meat in there! lol but anyhow I waited FOREVER for that damn food! I was talking to a Soror on my cell phone and even she said something about where did I go for the food and why did it take so long. Anyhow in a effort to be nice... the cashier gave me a cookie to apologize for the long wait. I took it and ate it and now I am calculating my points and well not a good idea lol its turns out to be 11.5 points! Well to be fair that was a damn good 11 points lol Well the day would have been ok but for my late night eating of some Sunday dinner the Mister brought me..mac & cheese, greens, meatloaf, and green beans. Granted I didn't eat all of it but I had a good bit. Total comfort food. My weekly points I already maxed out and I just put yesterday to bed and said the saying I hate most in life 'it is what it is.'

So today is a new day and I start off with Cinnamon Toast crunch... don't judge me (lol) but I avoided the donut that was calling to me. :-) That's all for now!

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  1. Soror, it is funny about what you said about the Donut. I was in Dunkin Donuts this morning and that donut was staring at me in the face. I am glad to say that I left it where it was and took my coffee with splenda and skim milk and got out of dodge. I have definitely grown in the last year. Everyday is still a struggle, but I am tired real hard to stay on course. Keep up the good work, and remember "one day at a time". luv ya