Wednesday, June 9, 2010

On de' road!

June 2010
Well had a great trip back to Trinidad! Baby sis graduated from Vet school and the whole "nuclear" (phun intended) family was in attendance! Not the same as Carnival but not complaining. I know I didn't workout as much and had a lot of food! I need to get it togetherrrrr but I am not going to beat myself up too badly. I took a lot of pics as I normally do and I am gonna pause for the cause and say job well done. A little more work to do but I found a "before picture" and all I can say is what a difference 17 months with less food and more exercise can make!
June 2010 -Trinidad on the way to Maracas Beach

Jan 2009 - At the Grand Canyon


  1. Wow Girl. You can really see the results.

  2. yeah granted Imma say some of thatw as the big clothing lol but yeah I think this was the only picture we tookt hat I didn't crop! I am glad my sister kept it!