Thursday, June 3, 2010

Rest Day

Well yesterday ended up being a much needed rest day! Traffic was kinda heavy and I was sooo tired so anyhow I was late for spinning so skipped the gym. I had my first Board of Directors for the Junior League the night before (Tuesday night) and it went until about 9pm and then I jetted! I hate that I can't socialize afterwards but my commute makes that impossible! Then I got home and I was too wired to sleep. I ended up talking to my sister for over an hour and didn't fall asleep until midnight only to be back up at 5am for work...Not good. So its ok...4 days was a a good come back!
Tonight I have a date with Mr. Law Enforcement :-) going to go to dinner & a movie since I am going away this weekend. Looking forward to it and of course I still need to pack :-) but what do I need? A dress, a bathing suit, shorts and two or 3 tops oh and undies...done! lol Can't wait for the get away
! Have a great weekend!
Pics will follow!

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